October 5, 2023

Unfinished Business

Who would have thought that the transition from two boys to three would be so tough?

Between the diaper changes, fussy teething, and the competition over who's going to sit in my arms, the only 5 minutes I've had to myself today was when I sat down to write the post, when blessedly, the two babies were napping (at the same time! Can you believe it?) and Soren was watching The Magic School Bus.

Things are a-shambles around the house, between the finishing touches in the kitchen before the Maytag appliances arrive on Monday (I was chosen to be a Maytag Kitchen Ambassador, which I'm really excited about).
The dishwasher will go where the chair is above (chair is preventing the babies from picking at the plaster walls).  I'm looking forward to less handwashing of dishes.

There are so many half-finished projects and thoughts around here, things that get started then dropped when one of the kids is in need of something, whether nourishment or comfort or entertainment.

I finished up the tiled backsplash this past week, in between naps and in the evenings.  I just have to give it a good cleaning to remove any haze and residue.  I'm happy how it turned out, especially that it was my first attempt at tiling.
Meanwhile, the contents of the kitchen, specifically my pot rack, are sprawled in our laundry room and bathroom.
It will all be worth it, I'm sure.  But as someone who has difficulty dealing with chaos in my life, it can't be soon enough.

And as someone who is constantly in need of a project, I have about 5 of them going on right now, including finishing this chalkboard wall at the top of the steps.

I imagine Soren will like to have this place to express himself, at least in a containable way.  And hopefully not with snuck-in crayons.
There's also the project of painting his bedroom, which has been in the works for, well, over a year now.
But I did get around to filling the holes in the walls.
There were lots of them, courtesy of my penchant for redecorating when I'm in need of a project.

And of course, there are just the random things that we don't get to, like moving air conditioners to the attic.
Some day it will all get done; hopefully I'll live to see it.

Happy weekend!  Hope you can check a few things off your list.


  1. Just reading this post made me tired! Wow, good luck with all of those projects!


  2. I can't wait to see al your new appliances!!

  3. So excited to see your newfangled kitchen! I need to do more home projects. Especially the dreaded kids' bathroom, the bane of my existence...

  4. Wow, it really sounds like you've got your work cut out for you these days Kathleen! I can't imagine having 3 kids to look after WHILE doing all the remodeling and redecorating...You're definitely one brave mommy and woman! ^.^

    As for your house, one day it WILL all be done and you'll be able to take a deep breath, sigh with relief and enjoy all your hard work.

    It's just working towards that lovely moment right now. Good luck!


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