March 22, 2023

An Undersea Adventure at Adventure Aquarium

Octopuses, sharks and sting rays, oh my!  Yesterday, my sons and our friends experienced a very special treat: a day at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey (just across the bridge from Philadelphia).
We visited specifically to view the Turtles: Journey of Survival exhibit, which is at the aquarium until this weekend.  Land and sea turtles can be found throughout the aquarium, with lots of facts and information about them on walls and on the displays of each tank.
Turtles: Journey of Survival highlights these beautiful animals and will teach you new things about turtles.  Did you know that turtles don't leave their shells?  They're actually part of their spine.
From ancient to modern times, the story of the turtle is a journey of survival against the odds. Over millions of years, these species have developed incredible survival strategies and adaptations than have enabled them to thrive since prehistoric times. From a tiny rescued Loggerhead Sea turtle hatchling to a massive Alligator Snapping turtle, the largest freshwater turtle in North America, you’ll be invited to journey through a series of exhibits designed to highlight the evolution, biology, habitats and unique characteristics of these remarkable reptiles.
We also like visiting Adventure Aquarium because it's so kid-friendly.  From an interactive, musical play area
to hands-on water exploration exhibits,
I assure you, my son wasn't afraid to touch that ray.  It was just the odd timing of the camera shutter.
Adventure Aquarium is truly a magical and educational place.  Just walking through the exhibits themselves transports you to a colorful, captivating environment and gives one an appreciation of the aquatic life that we seldom come into contact with.
As fun as it can be with kids, I'd love to have a more relaxing visit some time, where my husband and I could leisurely stroll the exhibits and be able to read more about the animals via the placards at each area.

Turtles: Journey of Survival runs until Sunday March 25th.  You can learn more about Adventure Aquarium via @AdventureAqua on Twitter and on their Facebook page.
Disclosure: I received complementary tickets from Adventure Aquarium to view and review the Turtles: Journey of Survival exhibition.


  1. Looks like great day trip! Did you learn any facts about red eared sliders that I can try out on Tick Tock?

  2. I haven't been to the aquarium in forever! It looks like such a magical and enchanting place to visit :)

    And you got some great captures of the fish, turtles, AND the kiddies!

  3. So fun! I haven't been to the aquarium in a while... or the zoo for that matter. I should remedy it. I honestly kind of dread a trip like that with the baby right now. But I know Charlie would have a ball.


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