March 29, 2023

Quick Craft: Easter Egg Snowflakes

Despite its paradoxical name, Easter Egg Snowflake, this craft is quite appropriate for this winter/spring here in the Northeast.  We're still freezing, stuck indoors most days.  But that hasn't stopped us from keeping busy with supplies from the craft cabinet.
To make these super-simple Easter silhouettes, you just need two things: scissors and paper.
It requires a bit of folding, just like snowflakes you'd make out of paper.  First fold the paper in half lengthwise.
Then cut out half of an egg shape.
Then fold in half again, and again so you have a wedge-shaped folded piece.
Don't worry about the edges not lining up.

Next, cut out some shapes on the sides, cutting through all the layers.
Open it up, flatten out the creases,
and hang up.  They look really pretty in windows.  Happy Easter!


  1. Love them! The lamb shape is great!

  2. Cute idea! Just posted on Craft Gossip! Happy Easter:)


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