July 17, 2023

Project Bedroom

Clearly, blogging is not a summer thing for me.  What amounts to about a handful of posts since May has not made me happy, though I know that my kids are probably pleased that I've dedicated myself so wholly to them. :)

Most days, we're hanging around the neighborhood, going to the pool after dinner and playing in the yard.  Though this week has been awfully hot, so naturally I decided last weekend to paint Soren's bedroom, which has been on my to-do list all year.
Yep, leave it to me to be bitten by the painting bug on the cusp of the first heatwave of the summer.  Sweat was literally dripping in the paint last Saturday when I began the project (side note: why is it that forecasters cannot predict weather anymore? Our 77 degree, sunny day was nothing of the sort).

Soren's room was long overdue for an overhaul.  It was this odd gray-purple (grurple?) color that I had chosen to coordinate with a bed spread long before the room was meant for children, not guests.
The baseboards were also sorely in need of painting, having been scratched and torn up when we had our floors redone, oh about 5 years ago.

Predictably, it's difficult doing any kind of project when kids are underfoot.  Here was my view for most of the painting with the sample colors (Valspar Perfect Storm and I ???. I can't remember the name of the color underneath it on the same paint chip.  I settled on Perfect Storm anyway).
Surprisingly, I didn't slop paint on the floor, furniture, or kids, unless you count Soren leaning up against the wet wall at some point (not my fault!).

There were tons of holes to fill with spackle, especially the wall where I would be installing a wallpapered map of the world. 
The room is 95% finished, since I had just installed the map yesterday (more to come on that, once I figure out what the heck is wrong with my camera--the auto focus doesn't seem to be cooperating, hence these fuzzy photos).

I'm eager to show you Soren's new room, which has a global theme which I hope will grow with him over the next few years.  I still have quite a few painting projects on my list for the fall, once he's in kindergarten full-time and I have a little less on my plate.  Or a thousand few Legos to avoid stepping on while painting.  Those buggers are everywhere, even when I think they've all been cleaned up.
I hope to post in the next few days the results of my project. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, as is its current resident. Stay tuned!


  1. Ooh! I can't wait to see his room! I like it already by the theme you have chosen.

    Once again I can completely relate. I have a list of things I want to do. A list I thought was long enough when I was pregnant, now? Ha! It's classifiable as crazy long. I did finally cross one thing off though. Woot!

  2. That color is beautiful! Love it. I need to overhaul the kids' rooms one of these days. Probably need to tackle nightmare bathroom first.

  3. I love the eclecticness (if that's a word?) of his room! Where'd you find the map? I'm on the hunt for one.


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