September 13, 2023

Emerging from the Depths

Phew!  It's been nearly three full weeks since I sent my eldest off to full-day (!) kindergarten, and I must say there's been a lot more breathing room around here.

Not to say I haven't been busy with playdates and projects, like this embroidered pillow made from an old linen nursing cover,
but a lot of the stress of emotional tugs-of-war have been replaced with a calmer, more orderly household.  I'm not heaping the blame on Soren, but life with one laid-back child is so much more manageable for me.  I have the time and energy to cook meals more leisurely and to even take a walk with Jude without the feet dragging and complaining that accompanies Soren on our strolls. 

While the transition has been really hard for Soren, he's doing better each week.  He is an anxious and intense child, and quite sensitive so these first few weeks have been difficult for him.  His sleep has finally become more restful and he's eating more of his lunch at school.  I did visit him one day this week when volunteering in the school's garden, but it was so upsetting for him and he cried nearly the entire time at lunch.  Heartbreaking, it was.  But he does enjoy riding the bus to school now, and likes his "specials" like fitness, art and music.  And of course his teacher, who is awesome at communicating with parents via email, phone calls and a weekly newsletter.

As for me, I've been lax about posting here, and I'm not really sure why.  I think I get into a rhythm of posting, and then when I lose it, it's hard to get back in.  Plus I always have a lot on my mind and am not sure which topic I'd like to write about.  And that indecision leads to writing about nothing.

I've also been busy trying to refinish our kitchen table and chairs, which were hand-me-downs that clearly have seen better days.
I experimented on table's leaf, and am pleased with the results of sanding, staining, sealing and painting the apron green.
Now to find a stretch of a few hours on the weekend to work on the table and chairs. 

Between canning tomato sauce made from our garden tomatoes
walks on the trail (cue the "Rocky" music)
removing and repairing all the old door knobs in our house
and starting a new knitting project (a lace cowl using gorgeous yarn),
I have no complaints about being bored. In fact, the days still fly by like they usually do.

I'm still settling in, and hope to include updating this blog as part of that new routine.  I hope your late summer days are going well too.


  1. It's been quite a while since I've been over to read about your life and the goings on of the boys so I'm glad I can catch up!

    Soren seems like, even though he's having a tough time transitioning, he'll thrive in school when the transition period is over; he just seems like that type of kid :)

    I'm glad you're able to take a few breathes and do some relaxing things during your days! That table and chairs will be done before you know it ^.^

  2. Glad to hear things are settling down for you and that Soren is starting to settle into school!

    Cindy B


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