September 17, 2023

Faire Thee Well

This past weekend, the boys and I made a trip out to Lancaster County to attend the fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
While the Mister and I aren't D&D (dungeons and dragons) types or Renaissance "Fairies" (meaning that we don't get into dressing up and talking in "thees" and "thines", it does make for an entertaining day spent outside in gorgeous autumn weather.  We used to go every year around our anniversary, but have only been there once since Soren was born.

It was time to revisit this place of yore, with its Shakespearean-style entertainments.
On the ride home, Chris mused that he'd describe the scene at The Faire as family fun mixed with a touch of BDSM (I'm sure I'm now going to find some pretty kinky search terms that land people on this post).  There were lots of sexed-up pirate wenches and tons of leather, chains, laces, corsets and tattoos.  And women yielding birds of prey (the art of falconry is really interesting).
Personally, I enjoyed the subtle displays of traditional masculine and feminine sexuality, The performances throughout the day were also peppered with bawdy jokes that the youngsters wouldn't get.  It's nice to actually enjoy oneself as an adult, even with the kiddos nearby.

The Faire also invited many sweet moments too.
There are lots of quaint spaces to rest and relax throughout the grounds.
Here's Jude mimicking the bagpipe players using the rolled-up program.
This site was both exhilarating (I adore elephants) and sad because I'm not sure whether the elephant actually likes giving rides to people and being in captivity.
Jude was thrilled though, and probably would have spent the whole day just staring at the lovely creature.

This is a bad photo of the coolest ride there.
It's a wooden horse on a pulley that one rides while trying to lance the ring that the dragon is holding.  I'm sure in a few years, my boys will be begging to ride it.

Soren was more fond of the games, naturally because they involved weapons.
He was surprisingly very good at hitting the targets, both with the crossbow and the darts.
The hands-on Children's Garden was a hit with both boys, who needed some time away from strolling the grounds.
Coloring, music, giant chess pieces, what more could a kid ask for, especially after being treated to ice cream, a pickle on a stick and french fries.
We ended the day in shackles, and I'm not talking about us parents.
I told him he shouldn't smile, since he's in prison.  However, I was smirking a bit.

As you can see, the PA RenFaire is a great destination for all ages.  The price is a bit steep (with coupons, it was about $50 for the four of us), but it was worth it.  They even serve beer and wine (it's on the grounds of a winery) so that might entice you to visit even more.  Good day mistresses and masters.  I shall see you anon.


  1. Oh I can not wait to take my kids. We dress up every year and go. I can not wait to show off my little princess in her dress (her first year there walking). My boys love to take their swords and people are always up for a good match. Looks like you guys had a great time. I am with you on the elephant I feel bad for him.

    1. I love going there. I wish my older son would have dressed up in his pirate costume. I asked him if he wanted to, but was reluctant for some reason. I don't think he quite realized what we were taking him to. Hope you have fun!


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