October 21, 2023

Table Talk

The piece of furniture most used in my house has finally gotten a makeover.
What was once a plain, peeling hand-me-down is now the highlight of my kitchen.
This project was first on my to-do list after Soren started school.  This poor table and chairs were badly in need of some love.  It took a lot of sanding to get rid of all that peeling poly.
While it's not an amazing transformation, I'm pretty happy with the results.  I wanted to bring some color into the space, so I chose a bright green (Ball Game from allen + roth) but kept the top of the table and chairs unpainted.
I followed up the paint with a few layers of Matte wipe-on Poly so that the finish has a bit of a chance when faced with two rough-and-tumble boys.

These chairs were cast-offs from an elementary school that my Pap Pap had picked up back in the 70s or 80s when they were closing it down.  At least one or two of them have been with me since my college days in Philadelphia, and I'm glad that I dressed them up but still kept the look of their butt-worn seats.
I got a little paint happy and ended up painting a cute bookshelf I had found in our alley a few years back.
It was a dingy white, but in good condition.  Now it's holding all my jars of applesauce. And extra toilet paper (it's in the weird nook of our bathroom off of the kitchen).

I still have one more chair to redo, but it requires some carpentry and wood glue to get it back into shape.  Finally, I can cross off one project from my long list.
I know this table is going to get tons of use over the next few months from indoor meals, cups of coffee, and indoor activities like play dough and coloring.  Lets hope my work holds up!


  1. I love it! It's my favorite color and you did a great job.

  2. Looks fabulous! Can you come here and do mine in yellow? :)

  3. It looks fabulous! And it's my favorite shade of green!

  4. That looks great! And I love the little shelf too...can't beat a good trash pick! Now if only Keith could be as discerning with you about the things he drags home...


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