November 27, 2023

Brown Paper Packages Pinned on a Wall

Before I settle in to this long, languid Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to post something I worked on today while Chris was home--a Christmas countdown or (more Christian-like,) an Advent Calendar.
We have a chalkboard wall at the top of our stairs, right outside Soren's room.  We enjoy scribbling on this wall, whether just doodling or turning it into an interactive, communal display of wishes, sentiments and meaningful words.
Even the littlest hands among us like making their mark on our wall.
But I digress.  This isn't really about the wall, as difficult as it is to photograph (hello dark, windowless space with a black wall and a glare-inducing overhead light).  It's about something on the wall, something that you could create anywhere in your home.  And it requires the simplest of ingredients to make it happen.

Paper lunch sacks.  Markers.  Clothespins.  Ribbon.  Stuff to put inside.  That's it, assuming you have a wall to display it on.

Sketch your numbers on the bags.  No need to be fancy, though I drew mine in block letters, added white and gold decoration, and made the numbers 3-dimensional with the black marker.  Forgive me for flaunting my art background.
You can make these as simple as you'd like, or even better, let the kids do it.

Tack up your ribbon onto the wall.  I used nails, but you could probably use those hooks that stick to the wall and easily come off when you want them to.  Then arrange your bags, pinning them with clothespins.
Once I had the bags arranged, I filled them with treats.
Rather than just put junky stuff in them, I made each day meaningful by putting something for the kids to do (like take a walk around the neighborhood to view Christmas lights), wear, or make in it, along with some kind of suggestion for kindness or giving to others.
Some examples: decorate an ornament for an aunt or uncle, make a card for a friend, thank your bus driver for getting you to school safely, shop for canned goods for a local food bank, etc.  I know I'll be working with my eldest to accomplish these things, but it's good for me to do express these sentiments as well.

Once each bag has been opened (I plan to reuse them again next year; plus they're easy to store flat), we'll put the holiday cards we receive on that wall in place of the bags.
I think this wall will be a festive reminder of what I hope that this season is about--generosity toward others and enjoying our time together as a family.
Have a wonderful holiday season! 
(p.s. if you're wondering about those lights, they came from Target a few years ago, from their patio section)


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love how it turned out.

  2. Gorgeous. I love what you come up with.


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