December 12, 2023

Just Another Craft from the Medicine Cabinet

I love craft projects that use the simplest of materials, ones that you already have in your home.  This one was an easy, inexpensive one that Soren and I made a few weeks back which has been decorating our kitchen for some time now--snowflakes made from cotton balls and cotton swabs.
I imagine this will stay up long into February, as it is more of a seasonal decoration than a Christmas one.  And it certainly doesn't take much in way of materials or artistic ability to make it.

You'll need:
  • Wax paper
  • White glue
  • cotton swabs
  • cotton balls
  • string for hanging

Tear off a piece of wax paper.
Arrange 6 cotton swabs into a star formation.
Add a large puddle of glue into the center, making sure the tips of the swabs are all stuck into the glue.
Add some more swabs, crossing them in any way you'd like or extending the "arms" of the original 6 swabs.
You could add the cotton balls at this point too, if you'd like.

Generously add more glue on top of the areas that are overlapped.  Don't worry if a lot of it spills out underneath. Just be sure the joints are saturated.
Allow to dry, usually overnight is enough.  Then gently peel off of the wax paper, tie on a string or ribbon, and hang.  With a needle, I "sewed" on some more cotton balls on the end of the string I used (see the first photo at the top).
Super simple craft with lots of possibilities for using as home decorations or even tying onto a present.
Enjoy creating with your little ones!

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