January 6, 2024

Natural Grooming for Men from ManCave

In my continual quest to use eco-friendly cleaning and personal products, it can be difficult at times to satisfy the men in my family.  The market for men's grooming products has certainly opened up since I was younger, with all kinds of nice-smelling lotions, deodorants and rugged concoctions aimed at guys.  However, many of these products are loaded with sulfates and petrochemicals, something that I personally don't want slathered all over my beloved husband.

Fortunately, I have no need to search anymore, now that I've been introduced to the natural grooming products from ManCave.
Packaged in masculine-friendly colors (uh, black, white and brown) and containing beckoning scents like cedar, black pepper and tea tree oil, ManCave products contain no parabens, sulphates (SLS SLES), synthetic dye, petrochemicals, or ingredients from animal sources and they are not tested on animals.
The ManCave products and website are cleverly marketed toward men, and use such terminology as "Explorer", "Pioneer" and "Huntsmen" when referring to their potential users.  And how cool is it to have caffeine shampoo?  That already seems very edgy and masculine.
Chris tested out the ManCave Original set, which includes Shower Gel, Moisturizer, Face Wash, Caffeine Shampoo and Deodorant. 
While it's hard to get much feedback from men, Chris did say he enjoyed this scent and the way the products work great and are gentle on his skin and hair.  And of course I get to enjoy the side benefit of a clean, great-smelling husband.  The ManCave products are a great way to introduce the men in your life to a more eco-friendly, less harsh grooming routine without seeming to go all frou-frou on them.
Once your man is hooked, you can even buy ManCave products in bulk "buckets" with discounts and free shipping, so no worries about running out for a while.

The ManCave line of products would make a great gift for Valentine's Day, or even just a starter for a new year of healthier living.
You can learn more about their products by following @ManCave or via the ManCave Facebook page.
Disclosure: I received sample products from ManCave for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This is awesome! There are SO many eco-friendly, healthy, natural haircare, makeup, washes, etc out there for woman, but not many for men (that I've seen anyway) so it's nice to see more companies and products popping up :)


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