January 22, 2024


Three snow days and many snow delays into this new year, I'm feeling antsy.  I'm starting to understand how important routines are to my sanity, and as a result, the calm of the household.

It seems that whenever I sit down, thinking I'll start a project, I'm interrupted.  Of course, that's my definition of parenthood, interruption, so it shouldn't surprise me.  Thankfully, my knitting has been at my side.
Chris has made life a little easier for us, clearing out some space in our very unfinished basement for a play area.
It's still a work in progress, but it's much better than just shelves, tools, and an unorganized mess.  And a few of these larger items (like the easel and rugs) were just taking up space in our attic, waiting to be used again.
We're waiting on some foam floor tiles to be delivered to make it more comfortable and a little safer for the kids, so I'll take some better photos of the space at a later time.

This project has been on Chris's mind for years, and I guess this bully of a winter finally made it happen.  The kids love it down there, with swings, room to run around, and even a ticket booth (a cast off from the museum I used to work at, which I saved from the dumpster) to spark their imaginations.  "Pretend" has literally been the word of the week around here.  Our neighbor kids have been spending hours here, playing "circus" and other games.  It's been a lively string of indoor days, for sure, and I'm glad of it, despite my desire to tune it out for a few hours.


  1. How cool is that, swings in the basement! I remember playing in our basement. We made it into a haunted house, and then my Dad made a photography developing room for us. Shows how old I am! LOL

  2. Love the play area! How cool to have indoor swings, I've always wanted to do that. :) I bet the boys are loving them!!


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