February 4, 2024

Warm Hearts

Winter is still in full force around Pennsylvania, in fact I can't recall a snowier, colder winter in my experience.  While I mostly appreciate the snow, I'm tired of being snowbound and having so many interruptions to our routine in the form of snow days, cancelled play dates and the like.
On the bright side (or more appropriately, the snow blind side), my knitting needles have kept my fingers and heart warm, as they should this time of year.  I'm 2/3 of the way finished with the Color Affection shawl, which has been a pleasure to knit.
All that knitting and purling have kept things quiet around this blog for sure.  I would have thought that winter would have made me more inclined to write on my blog, but it's been the opposite.  I've certainly been making and doing lots of things, cooking up a storm (this recent Shepherd's pie was delicious)
but I've not felt like mustering up the effort to photograph, edit, watermark photos, write and edit posts.  Though here I am again, because I do miss sharing things with readers. 
I'm revisiting my Valentine banner this week, taking a break from knitting my shawl to knit some warm hearts.
We've just been plowing through the ordinariness of days, some spent baking and eating Skywalker Sugar Cookies
and playing in the snow.
I'm trying to inhabit these days and really be awake with the boys.  I'm a work in progress on that, but we've been enjoying our time together, mostly.  We're all craving more outdoor time, but who isn't?  I hope things are well for you too, dear readers.

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  1. We had a snow day here, too, but I did no knitting.


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