August 31, 2023

Rug Expedition

Having sent both of my boys back to school this week, I am trying to establish a new routine here at home. I've been working on projects that have been put aside for years (hello basement floor cluttered with nuts, bolts and tools!), decluttering, and making things more efficient for our family. I'm lucky to have this time for myself and our home, before I start the process of heading back to work.

Our living room has been the focus of much of my attention.  I moved a lot of the toys upstairs which left some space for a homework area. My third grader will be needing a spot to work, so this space will have a desk and comfortable (but not too comfortable) chair.
 For the moment, it's been used as a reading nook, as the desk is backordered until later in September.
There are still a few open-ended toys in this spot, like blocks and magnet tiles stored in baskets and bins.  One major addition to the space is a new area rug from Rug Expedition.
It's a faux silk rug, on the thin side but very plush and comfortable underfoot.  The boys enjoy lying on it when setting up blocks for their toy cars.  I admit I've had to tell my eldest multiple times that he cannot have the rug in his bedroom, he's that enamored of its soft feel.
The rug is a classic one from KAS in a slate blue Damask pattern.  The blue is such a great tone, and I think the variations in the pattern will prohibit dirt and stains from showing up too much (what can I say, life with two boys).
 I think it will wear well in the years to come.  I'll post some more pics when that desk finally arrives.
In the meantime, consider checking out Rug Expedition. They're a small, family-owned company that would be delighted to have your business.
Disclosure: I received an area rug from Rug in exchange for an honest review of the product.  All opinions are my own.

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