August 2, 2023

A Little Housekeeping and Furniture Rearranging

Yes, I'm up quite late tonight (for a new mom). As you can see, I've been tooling around with Blogger, well, actually, dear husband has been helping with the code for adding another column to the left. I've also created a new header, a cute little button that I hope you'll humbly display on your blog (see right hand column), and even a Favicon (see that little "K" up in the address bar). I was hoping to win a blog redesign during the Bloggy Carnival, but no word yet. Maybe next time.

So what do you think? Is there anything that is immediately annoying, or something that I missed in my late-night typing? I do need to make the subheading on the button more readable, but alas, this is all I can handle tonight. This update is a start at least, and I am learning a lot, even though it's a little at a time. Katydid and Kid will be so tricked-out in a few months that I'll have to rename it Blingy-did and Kid.


  1. Cute! I love your header!

    And you've been tagged...

  2. I love the new layout, great job!

  3. ps. I totally just noticed your fancy new favicon too! I love when sites have those.

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