October 24, 2023

50 Fabulous Blog Designs

I'm always thinking about redesigning my blog, in the same way that I'm always thinking of redecorating or rearranging my home. It's kind of a compulsion for me, and I really wish I had gone to school for interior design rather than art education. Even when I was a kid, my main Barbie play involved setting up their elaborate pad rather than getting gussied up for a date with Ken (but of course I did cut lots of their hair, despite my mom's warnings).

Since I don't have the time to redesign this blog again (and I don't want to confuse my readers by doing it so soon after the July rehab) and I don't have the money to pay someone more creative to do it, I thought I'd just drool over this list of 50 Beautiful Blog Designs from Smashing Magazine.

These are my favorites:
Suddenly I feel pretty embarrassed about my digs here.

Thanks to my hubby for bringing this to my attention: see you DO care about my blogging skills!

What's your favorite blog design?


  1. hey hey kathleen! im really surprised and happy that my blog is one of your favorites :-) thank you !!!! stephanie

  2. I love your Friday reviews--I need to check that one. I would love to redo my blog, but don't have the money.

  3. I saw you entered to win a cool coffee maker, I did too :)I also read that you have a new baby and can't have too much caffeine...I suggest splitting your coffee half regular half decaf!

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  4. Those are some great ones! I need to think about a little makeover...

  5. Thanks for entering the giveaway :)

  6. I received the headband. It's perfect! Thank you 100 times over!!!!

  7. Your blog looks gorgeous! No need to be envious of these other designs. I need to dig in and spruce mine up. First I need to figure out how to make my header actually fit. Second I need to jazz it up. I'm going to check out the site you suggested!

  8. We are of such kindred spirit. I wish I had a different blog design for each day of the week.
    We dress according to the mood we're in so why not dress our blogs accordingly? I think someone needs to come up with a "mood design" like mood rings that would change according to mood.
    Your design is perfect for Katydid and Kid although I understand the desire for change.

  9. Hi,
    I really like your blog design. Especially the colors! I hope you keep it for awhile, I think it is unique and beautiful.

  10. I'm always wanting to change mine up, i do probably once a year. I'm too busy to even consider it now though. I do like the two you posted though, very nice!


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