July 10, 2023

Cuke Addict

Who has time to bother with the process of canning when you're continually pulling a 15 month old down from the kitchen table? Well, why not make refrigerator pickles?
I made this recipe last summer and oooooh are they good. I probably ate an entire jar myself in about an hour, and I wasn't even pregnant. But knowing that they're just cucumbers, onions and vinegar doesn't make it sound too bad. Oh wait, I forgot about the sugar, but I'm not drinking the liquid.

We've been drowning in cucumbers from the local organic CSA, both the pickling variety and the salad ones. So I dug out my refrigerator pickle recipe and got to work.
You'll need:
*2 lbs. kirby cucumbers *1 vidalia onion *2-3 garlic cloves *1 cup apple cider vinegar *1 cup sugar *1 tsp mustard seeds *1 tsp celery seeds *salt *fresh dill (minced)

Slice up the cucumbers and onion, and mince the garlic. Sprinkle these with salt and let them hang out in a colander for about 20 minutes to remove some of the liquid.
While you're waiting, mix the vinegar, sugar, seeds and minced dill in a bowl.
After the cucumbers have drained, layer them along with the onion in a clean jar or lidded container (preferably glass, since vinegar reacts with metal or plastic) . Then ladle or pour the liquid over the cukes.
As you can see, I stuffed mine a bit too much, trying to fit all those cucumbers in. And I wasn't too careful about layering, since SoJo wanted me to hold him while I was doing it.

Let the pickles set overnight (or at least 8 hours) in the fridge, and then eat them within 2 weeks. Sooo easy! They look fresh and bright, unlike pickles you find in the grocery aisle.
I can't wait to give some away too. If my dill was flowering, I'd have cut some of the flowers off to pretty-up the jars. Maybe with my next batch.


  1. Those look great!

    I hope we have enough of a harvest to try this! :)

  2. Oh, yum! Wish we planted cucumbers... we're getting eggplants finally- purple and white!

  3. Oh! Those look fantastic! I too have been known to eat an entire jar of these things (I didn't know they were called that!), but I have an easy mod, if anyone cares. If you ever make sushi, and keep a bottle of that seasoned rice vinegar around, it makes perfect refrigerator pickles. It is already seasoned with just the right amount of salt and sugar. Just add dill and maybe a teeny bit of water. I usually make mine with tomatoes, not onions, and call it a salad, but it's the same stuff right? (-:

  4. Oh I know, my aunt used to make these and they're so simple and YUMMY! Great way to use those cucumbers..

  5. Fantastic! My cucumbers are just starting to come in, so I'm definitely bookmarking this page. Yummy!

  6. Wow these would make great hostess gifts. Nice work and thanks for joining in the recipe fun at Momtrends Friday's Feasts.



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