December 14, 2023

A Christmas Wedding

Wow, what a weekend! It was such a gorgeous wedding, and I loved the setting. I've never been to a wedding at Christmastime, so this was so exciting.
My brother and his wife (first time saying that!) picked a great location, a ski lodge, which was decorated with rustic Christmas decor. My regret is that I didn't take many photos, but since I was in the wedding party I was just too busy having fun. I'm sure I'll post some of the photos taken by other people as they become available.

I also neglected to bring the camera to the ceremony, which was earlier in the day, so I don't have any of those photos. We only live 15 minutes from the ski resort, but the ceremony was at noon about an hour away so Mr. Geek ended up keeping SoJo at home until the reception at 5:30. It allowed him to get a nap in and not be too overwhelmed by it all.
Everything from the wedding was perfect, from the food to the weather to the hotel rooms. And I think the bride and groom enjoyed themselves too, which sometimes doesn't happen with the stress of the day and the exhaustion that often sets in. Here she beautiful!
SoJo likes his Aunt "Bella" (he can't quite say Izabela), though this photo might seem otherwise. He was really overwhelmed by all the people and the loud music.

And here's my brother, the groom, in the middle. His smile says it all. My other brother is on the left, and his wife is on the right.My only regret is that S had enjoyed himself more. He's quite shy and sensitive, so he clung to me most of the night. Thankfully, we live close by so Mr. Geek was able to get him home to bed and let me spend the night at the hotel--finally, a full night's rest! Though I wanted to strangle my youngest brother and his friends when they were jumping and screaming at 3am in the room above us. Thanks Pete.

So that was our wonderful weekend. We couldn't have asked for a better wife for my picky middle brother. She really is a treasure, as is her family. We're eager to create family memories with her!


  1. Oh how fun!! The pictures you did get were perfect! Last year we went to Mat's brother's wedding. Held at a winery and everything was Christmas themed. It was gorgeous. Christmastime weddings really are magical :)

  2. That sounds like such a great time!
    Your son looks so handsome in his suit, I love little boys in suits:)

  3. You survived! :)
    Great pics, especially the one of your little fam all snazzed up!
    I was excited to dress Jojo in a suit when my brother got married. Jojo was 2 1/2.

  4. What a gorgeous picture of the three of you! I love it. I know you've been so excited about your new sister in law. It's so great when weddings are actually fun...

  5. I always imagined a Christmas wedding being so beautiful. I remember a few months back when you were preparing all the goodies. So Jo looks adorable in that little suit!

  6. A Christmas wedding would be so beautiful! Love the pics!

  7. You have a lovely family. SoJo couldn't be more handsome.

  8. Great Pix!

    I ADORE Christmas weddings- why we had one! It is just SO easy to decorate, the theme just seems to flow with no problems!

  9. It sounds like a lovely wedding...and you looked so pretty!!! :)

  10. Aw, wow!! My heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds :)
    It sounds like you all had a wonderful time and it was an ideal wedding!

  11. So pretty! The ceremony sounds like it was amazing but I think it was probably a good call your little man sat that one out!

  12. Your brother and sister-in-law look amazing and how smart are they? I wish I had gotten married in a cooler month (we got married in August, can anyone say hot?).
    You looked beautiful and I am so jealous - a whole night in a hotel room alone? Sooo lucky!

  13. That is wonderful!

    Congratulations to your family with this new addition!

    Glad you had a wonderful time.

  14. What a beautiful bride and how lucky she is to be getting not only that brother of yours, but also you!

  15. Great photos! Congrats to your brother and his new wife.


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