December 4, 2023

Favorite Things to Do at Christmas

We just got back from an evening of looking at Christmas lights in our local park, and we had such a great time. Every year the park puts on a display of lights that you can walk around, and there's a renovated barn with hot cocoa, snacks, and live music on the weekends.
There's also a Santa Claus there, but given the latest fears about Darth Vader, we decided to skip a visit to the jolly old elf.

Mr. Geek and I had gone two years ago and wanted to start a tradition with taking SoJo to the park each year. So we put on his pajamas, got in the car and headed out. S was most excited about the huge train, and he ran up a huge hill to get a closer look.
(Forgive the image quality, as I didn't hold the camera still enough for the slow shutter speed.)
He was super excited! I just hope this image replaces the Darth one in his head tonight.
A local railroad enthusiast group sets up a little working train display, and that was also magical for SoJo
Mr. Geek had a similar train set growing up, so he was pleased to view this too.
Though of course, he wouldn't admit that!


  1. Looks great... but cold. I'm not so good with cold.

  2. That sounds like so much fun!

    I too hope he dreams of this experience, rather than Darth Vadar, tonight...that just makes me so sad!! :(

  3. That train looks really cool! :)

  4. That looks like fun, what a wonderful tradition to begin!

  5. Aw! That is so amazing-We have somewhat of a similar tradition and it's definitely something we all cherish each year :)

  6. What a wonderful evening!!! I can never get my photos of lights to turn out.


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