February 1, 2024


By the end of each day, my pockets are filled with all of the things I've collected off of the floor or out of the hands of my toddler. I dump them out at night and they become a visual reminder of the day.
Sometimes they're gifts, like that withered blueberry in the middle, and sometimes they're objects of danger, just begging to be put in a little mouth and swallowed (sidenote: a friend's toddler once swallowed a penny and got deathly ill as it nearly blocked his intestine--so frightening!). Who knew so many perils lurk underfoot? Guess that just points to my poor housekeeping habits.


  1. I doubt you're a bad housekeeper...if your little one is anything like mine, they can pull objects that have been lodged in crevices of the house since 1970 out of what seems like thin air!!!

  2. There is just too many little things around the floor, it is impossible to get rid of them all. I feel like once you think you have picked them all up, a strange little person comes around and tosses choking hazards all over the house,HA!

  3. I once shoved a dime up my nose, so don't feel bad-It happens to the best of us :)

    That's a fun picture and story though! I love the withered, old blueberry ^.^

  4. Umm, only you could take a picture of such detritus and make it look lovely. Roo stashes things in all her pockets and bags: pebbles, tree bark, bits of paper and string. It's always entertaining to unpack her lunchbox and see what treasures she's unearthed on the playground.

  5. I am SO glad that I read this post. I have been meaning to tell my husband to remember to clean out his pockets before going into the boy's rooms to play. I keep picking up change and I know how dangerous it is!! It so happens hubby was right next to me as I read this post...So you are like a PSA! You rock and I will give you a huge Thank You hug at.... BLOGHER!! I got your email and I could not be more thrilled!! Can hardly wait!

  6. He sure does collect alot of money :) Should I frisk him at the end of the day for my piggy bank?

    It is so true how many things are dangerous for little ones. Oh the job we have to do to keep them safe.


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