February 5, 2024

Homemade Valentines: An Artistic Collaboration with a Toddler

We set out this morning to create some homemade Valentines to send to family and friends.
S is not the most patient or focused toddler in the world, but we collaborated on some cute, simple cards.
I pulled out the crayons and gave him some paper to color on.
I offered "Valentine-y" colors like pinks and reds, which lasted about 1 minute, and encouraged him to scribble away.
While he was working, I cut out some card shapes from a few sheets of cardstock (I measured some leftover envelopes I had on hand to get the size of the cards), and some background color for the front of the cards using some scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper. Tip: keep a pack of 12x12" paper in your home--it comes in handy for everything.

Once SoJo had scribbled on the papers, I folded them in half and cut out hearts with his scribbles on them. The I glued them onto the cards for an easy Valentine.I added some more scrapbook paper hearts and some Valentine sentiments with a Sharpie marker. Simple and elegant, and I think people will smile when they receive one of these in the mail this week.
What will you be making with your kids this weekend?


  1. Beautiful! I love those crayons:) The box is worth the extra mula I bet! Our crayons always end up broken:(
    Way to go Sojo!!!

  2. Would you consider linking some of your Valentine's Day projects (like this one!) to my linky? I'd love for everyone to get a glimpse of the cuteness!


  3. Roo is bugging me to help her make Valentines for her class... need to get on that!

  4. Look how cute that little booger is!?! And he looks like he's in his glory-I would be too if offered those gorgeous crayons and some paper to scribble endlessly on :)
    I bet people are really going to love their Valentines cards!!

  5. Love it! We may try our hand at some v-day crafts. But we are hoping to ski.

  6. We will too be staying inside due to the much hyped storm on our coast. Yippee.

    I will not being doing anything special with the boys - Not locking them outside in the cold is all I can handle these days. LOL Kinda sorta kidding. :)

  7. Those came out wonderful.

    Aiyana wants to make some Valentine's decorations for our house. Let's see how creative we can get.

  8. We have those crayons too :)
    I think your projects came out very good!

  9. What beautiful cards! Your son did a wonderful job.

  10. They look great...he did such a nice job!!! :)

  11. Those turned out so cute and will be be well loved! I know it!


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