March 31, 2023

earthworm ensemble

We've been diggin' the folksy, rockin' kids' band Earthworm Ensemble's newest self-titled release for over a month now, in rotation on the play room beat box. The vocal harmonies of this blended group of California folk artists is lovely. Founders Shawn and Sherri Nourse originally put these songs together to amuse their young son (who also sings on the album). I like how casual this recording is--like a bunch of friends hanging out and making music together.

The Traveling Train is a favorite song on the album (so obvious for my son, since well, it's about a train), with its chugging beats and the funny deep baritone voice that moves in and out of the track. SoJo and I bop around the room dancing to it. The lyrics of the 11 songs are appealing too, lfrom topics like the role of the earthworm in the life cycle to buying food at the farmer's market. Earthworm Ensemble is worth adding to your kids' and non-kids' music collection. Definitely not anything like those irritating Wiggles.
Disclosure: I received a copy of Earthworm Ensemble's CD from Sugar Mountain PR for review purposes.

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