May 21, 2023

lawnmower milk

We're debuting the newest version of Kids Say the Darndest Things around here. Behold, "lawnmower milk".
While eating my cereal this morning, Soren munched on toast and kept saying he wanted the lawnmower. Whatever. Eventually it became lawnmower milk and I understood that he wanted some soymilk. He pointed to the green car on the carton and said it was "daddy's mower." Yes, I suppose it looks like our Neuton mower.
Then he wanted to try some of GG's (Soren's name for my mom) milk, because the carton has a photo of "GG's tree" on it. My parents have an identical tree in their front yard.
S also has funny names for other things, like "baseball game hat", not simply a "baseball hat"
and I find it so cute that he calls Sesame Street "A-OK", which is a line from the intro song.

Did you know Mr. Geek works at the "Football Game"? I didn't realize I married a football player. He actually works at a local university and his office is near the football field, so whenever we take him to work, Soren thinks he works at the football game. To confuse things even more, he's actually referring to the basketball game that the Mister took him to last year, which is near the football field. We've never taken him to a football game yet, but he often calls any sports with balls football. By the end of the summer, they'll return to being called "baseball games." I know, it's hard to keep track.

I'm both eager to hear more Soren-isms, and also a bit scared. I mean, he's already changed the lyrics of a song to include mommy's boobies. Ugh.

I'm dying to know the funny things that your kids say. Share away!


  1. JDaniel4's MomMay 21, 2023 8:22 AM

    How wonderful! I love how JDaniel tries to make sense on words too.

  2. Jasper is obsessed with my belly and calls it "booby" which is unbelievably embarrassing in public. Sigh.

  3. My oldest daughter used to sing Frosty the snow man as "a happy jolly snow, with 2 eyes made out of cold" Great post - kids are so funny!

  4. That is so cute Donna! And Mrs. Booby Belly Naomi. I love hearing these kinds of things.

  5. OMG I HAVE to know what song he changed the lyrics to. LOL

    How adorable is he? I love all his different kid-isms ^.^


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