June 16, 2023

The Best Thing in My Purse

I don't go anywhere without this.
Being fair-skinned, both Soren and I must be vigilant about sunscreen. I put on a daily moisturizer and sunscreen every morning. Sometimes though, when I'm out-and-about and forgot to pack a tube, it's great knowing that that Badger Balm's Sunscreen Stick is stashed in my purse. Especially on days when the sun is particularly strong and I need some more protection.

We've been using Badger's sunscreen for a few years now, in fact we just emptied our last tube when we were at Disney World last month. I love its lavender scent, and after recently reading a recent report listing the best and worse sunscreens, I'm happy to see that Badger Balm was in the top of the list.

If you're looking to buy the Sunscreen stick, it's made with zinc oxide and natural ingredients. The cocoa butter smell is wonderful, and the stick is very easy to apply on the face and neck.
Plus because it's primary sun protection is zinc oxide, it works immediately. I don't have to worry about applying the sunscreen a half an hour before we go out. It does make the face look a bit white due to the zinc, though I can't say that we look as severe as Japanese Kabuki actors.
You can get Badger Balm products, including other items in the skincare line, at many health food stores and also on their website.
Disclosure: I received a sample Sunscreen Stick from Badger Balm and have been happily buying their products for years.


  1. I need to get a new SPF for my kids. Found out the one we have is expired!

    I love hearing about new products to try too.

    Your Soren is adorable in that suit!

  2. I've been looking for a good sunscreen for my kids...perfect timing with this post!! ;)

  3. Could Soren possibly be getting that big??? Oh my! What a cutie!

    And how funny that I just read your articles in my email box this morning, then went to check on my own site and found that you'd been there too. Hope all is well in your end of the blogosphere!

  4. My skin is not as light complected as my daughters, but I definitely need to make sure I always have sunscreen with us when we go out.

  5. I may need to invest in this since I'm fair skinned also.
    If I even THINK about going outside, I get burnt >.<

  6. Thank you for the excellent review! "Stick-style" sunscreen is the best for small children - and I love that this brand is all-natural. I'm definitely going to check it out!



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