August 31, 2023

Wake Up Clarinet! (Giveaway}

Music certainly changes the mood in a room. Whether you're trying to disperse the air of a tantrum or just unwind, it's nice to pop on a CD that is engaging for both kids and adults. And we all know that some kids' music is downright irritating.

However, we're loving Oran Etkin's new release, "Wake Up Clarinet!" around our house. I popped it in the other day and really enjoyed it. The music is so entertaining! We enjoy listening to jazz, so this CD fit it perfectly to our rotation of Dexter Gordon and Lester Young.
I loved how jazzy yet conversational this CD is, with Oran "talking" with and animating the instruments (like Ms. Clara Net) and his storytelling intro about King Louis XIV on the Louisiana Creole song, Eh La Bas. It's is really delightful listening, and I like that you and your kids are learning something too. Oran created and uses a method of teaching music called Timbalooloo, which teaches children the fundamentals of music in a fun, engaging, and creative way. You can get a glimpse of the Timbalooloo style by listening to the CD.

My only complaint, if this could be considered one, is that it's too short. I was disappointed that the CD was over so soon. But that just will encourage me to buy more of his music. I truly like listening to this, even when my son is not with me!

Oran Etkin is currently touring for the CD release and will be at the following venues. I'd love to try and make it to the Philly gig!
  • Saturday, September 11 - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia
  • Friday, September 24 - Fifth and I, Washington DC
  • Saturday, September 25 - Highline Ballroom, NYC
  • Sunday, September 26 - Saratoga Springs Public Library, NY
  • Sunday, October 17 - McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA
I have a copy of Wake Up Clarinet! to give away to a randomly-chosen reader. Just leave a comment naming your favorite song. Extra entries if you're a fan of Oran Etkin on Facebook or Twitter. Leave an extra comment letting me know. I'll close comments at 11:59pm Monday September 13th.
Disclosure: I received a copy of Oran Etkin's Wake Up Clarinet for review.


  1. I like the Little Lamb Jam! Not much into jazz myself, but having listened to this, I think Liliana would really like it.

  2. "All I really want to do is dance" is cute.

  3. I'm not sure if you mean from the cd or in general, so in general it rotates from various Beatles songs and some newer indie stuff. Off the cd I like Jammin on High Low.

  4. i like the High Low song.

  5. This sounds like a great CD and a great artist. I will google him and listen to some of the songs. I have always loved childrens songs that are really good music! Please don't include me in this give a way because I don't think it would be fair since I have never heard of this artist. It should go to a fan. I just wanted to comment and to say that I will definately check it out!

  6. ok, i just listened to "High Low". Awesome! I love it! such great music! This is what I mean about loving quality music CD's for kids. I would listen to that even if my kids were not home!

  7. like "eh la bas" song

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  8. follow OE on twitter 9ziggy

  9. How FUN!! I really like All I Really Want To Do Is Dance.

  10. I like the high low song a lot - what a great CD! My daughter's really into "her own" music these days :)

  11. @busyworkingmama follows oranetkin on twitter now :)

  12. I enjoyed the Little Lamb Jam song

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  13. I like Oran Etkin on facebook (Louis Here)

  14. following Oran Etkin on twitter @left_the_stars


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