September 26, 2023


Yet another growing season is coming to an end, so yesterday we began tidying up the garden and harvesting what was left of our summer crops.
We plan on planting some more spinach and leafy greens to hopefully enjoy into the fall--sadly the ones I sowed a few weeks back haven't done so well in the late summer heat and lack of rain.

We ended up pulling up some pretty good-sized onions, both red and yellow, which we were pleasantly surprised by. I wasn't sure how they'd do, having never grown them before.  The brussels sprouts were also harvested, and I don't think we'll grow them again next year.
They take up a lot of space and don't yield all that much. Plus Mr. Geek was kind of grossed out by them--they look like small tumors leeching off of a phallic-like spine.  Yes, he has quite a Clive Barker-esque imagination. He's using a hacksaw to cut the little buggers off, though he and Soren ended up plucking them in the end.
I'm drying the purple beans for next year's planting, or maybe for cooking into a soup over the winter.
Lots of green tomatoes--any good recipes?
Soren certainly had a nice time playing with them along with his trucks.
I put the tomatoes on the windowsills hoping that they'll turn red. That worked pretty well last summer.

The garden was a moderate success, overall.  Next year I'd like to nix the brussels, thin out the tomatoes and widen the bed.  I'd like to try cucumbers again, despite their demise courtesy of the cucumber beetle.  Definitely more lettuces and peas.  Maybe we'll do potatoes too.
The applesauce party last night was a success! All the jars sealed--hooray! I need to cook and can the rest of these beauties into some stewed apples that will be delicious over oatmeal this winter.  Or perhaps vanilla ice cream?

How I wish that harvest time wasn't so brief.  It seems like I'm frantically trying to capture all of the deliciousness of summer in a few weeks. I still would like to freeze peppers and corn, but methinks I just won't get around to it.

How are you trying to hold onto summer, culinarily or otherwise?


  1. Yeah for garden produce! You guys were brave to even try brussel sprouts. I've never even tasted them before because my parents never liked them, so never served them.

  2. Kathleen I am always in awe of you! I love the feeling of home I get when I read your posts - even though my mother never harvested anything but weeds and I kill anything I touch. But it is the home I always longed for... clothes on the line, an actual garden and someone who will can things for me (I'd likely drop the jars).
    Miss your smile...

  3. I am thoroughly impressed by all that you've accomplished with your garden this Summer!

    Seriously, I bet you guys could move yourselves to a nice little farm and be self sufficient xD

    Wouldn't that be nice though?

  4. Everything looks beautiful!

    It is not too hard holding onto summer here. It was over 105 today. I just got in from watering our yard and it is still hot outside! My daughters wanted to play in the sprinklers earlier, but it was actually too hot to!

  5. Your harvest looks wonderful! We just harvested our last heirloom tomatoes ... they were so wonderful this year. I love the changing of the seasons but I have to admit that I really hate to give up all the fresh produce and herbs we've grown and enjoyed this year. Now I'm looking forward to fall produce ... and some good stews and soups! :)

    Wonderful post ... thanks for sharing your harvest with us! :)

  6. so jealous!! my gardens got drowned out- literally- 12 times this year. i did get copious amts of kale. i'd recommend trying that next year. also eggplants went crazy here at the end.

  7. me to. sooooo jealous. I WISH i had a garden like that. i couldn't even grow green onions and basil (they died!).


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