September 24, 2023

New Playdates at The Please Touch Museum

One of the best things about being a blogger is the opportunity to sample new things, whether it's a newly released toy or a debuting event.  Yesterday Soren and I were invited to our favorite museum (well, next to the one that I work at), the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, for a blogger's event where we got to sample the new You and Me Playdates.
The You and Me Playdates are one hour programs over a three week period designed for children and their parents to explore art, music, puppetry and creative play.  During the bloggers event, we sampled each of the 4 playdates in a condensed manner.
I was really impressed with the staff, who were very friendly and enthusiastic . The group consisted of parents and toddlers/young preschoolers, who might be considered a bit young for these programs, however the staff was great at improvising and modifying the activities for the age level.

As a museum educator myself, I know how challenging that can be, but all was handled with ease and smiles.
We loved the hands-on component of all the activities, from getting to strum a guitar (and making an accompanying stringed instrument too)
 to decorating a tote bag (S was excited about the glue)
to experimenting with with shadow puppets--which was a hit with the kids (note to self, pull out a sheet on the clothesline on the next sunny evening).
The series ended with the Make Believe playdate, where the children imagined what it would be like to go camping.  The big reveal behind a curtain was a play camp site, including a pretend camp fire and tent.
That was really fun for the kids to explore
There were other camping props too to stimulate their imaginations.
 It was fun watching them play and interact with each other, toasting bugs on the fire and what not.
We also got a sneak peek at the museum's new Space Station exhibit which opens next month.
When completed, it sounds like it will be such a fun space, with a rocket-launching activity (the ceilings are super-high) and a blue screen where kids can stand in front of to pretend they're in a rocket or walking in space.

After viewing the rocket room, families were encouraged to play in the museum.  We had been to the Please Touch Museum earlier in the summer and Soren adored it, so it was great that he could visit it again. This time we brought Daddy along, who incidentally made an agreeable patient for Dr. Soren in the play hospital.
We were given tickets to ride the grand Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel, and since it was not very crowded, S and I got a private ride, where we were the only ones on it.
We explored the other hands-on exhibits, with Soren naturally gravitating to one of his favorites, the River Adventure.  We went home happily with damp shirt sleeves.
We had such an amazing time! I really cannot express how wonderful this museum is, from the exhibits to programming to the fabulous staff, who were always available and friendly throughout the museum.  
If you're in the Philadelphia area (or a few hours away), you definitely need to bring your tots to the Please Touch Museum. There's so much to do and see, so we'll certainly be back!
Disclosure: My family and I received free admission and parking to the Please Touch Museum via their PR department.  All opinions are my own.


  1. We live in the Philly area and visit often. This is my 3 year old's favorite thing to do there. She has yet to get bored and always finds something new to explore!

  2. Oh wow, that looks like it was a lot of fun! Lucky you guys!

  3. Way cool, but I prefer marshmallows to bugs... Ha!

  4. That sounds like the COOLEST place...I hope we can get our crew over there someday!

  5. That looks like a little kid's dream come true!!

    Not to mention a kid-at-heart adult's dream as well (I wouldn't mind visiting there myself LOL).

    I'm glad both you and your little guy got to go :)

  6. Jasper wants to come visit once the rocket is ready. He thought SoJo's stripey shirt was a pirate costume!


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