September 3, 2023

Painting Update

This living room painting/makeover has really consumed my life this past week or so. I'm about halfway done, but this project has really been kicking my butt.
After becoming a parent, those little luxuries of life like getting to stay in bed when you're sick or painting a room in a reasonable amount of time, disappear quicker than foggy breath on a window pane.

I've been working busily during nap times and after S has gone to bed. As of late last night, I'm about half way done. I rolled the rest of the big wall behind the couch
and still need to do the cleaning and painting of the trim on the other two walls, one of which is a bitch to paint due to all the weird moldings, courtesy of the previous owners. And then the stair rails!! Ugh. Not looking forward to those. As for the Mister, he's not a fan of painting. I left him out of this project, since he's always the one doing all the house stuff anyway (though of course I say "we" when we fix up stuff, like "we're working on our garage" when in all honesty I just go in and offer encouragement, not hammering).

But how great do the steps look now?


I just love sitting on the couch, exhausted from filling cracks in the crown molding with silicon caulk, and staring at how great these look. Ah, the wonders of fresh paint.

My goal is to finish this by the end of the month. We're having new windows installed in October, so I'd like the entire living room to be done before it gets too cold.

Any projects going on in your house?


  1. Oh my, your steps look so beautiful! Reminds me of something in a Martha Stewart magazine. I love hard wood! I am super jealous! Hope the painting is done by now! I know it's worth it in the end! it's just getting there that is the hard part!

  2. There are many ongoing projects in our house. Buying a fixer-upper means there's always something to do. lol Right now we are re-doing the baby's room. A trip to the paint store is in order today.

  3. This looks great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love that color.. seems relaxing/soothing.

  5. I just finished painting my kitchen. Why does paint prep tire you out more than the actual painting?

  6. You don't mess around! You got right to that project. I'm a tad more of a procrastinator, I'm afraid.

    What's going on at my house? I'm buried in boxes!

  7. I like the after photo. The stairs look so clean and crisp.

  8. Looks great so far...especially the stairs!!!

  9. The steps do look amazing! And the green is even more lovely without the yellow next to it, very relaxing. Nice work!

  10. I just love the color combination with your floors. We were thinking of painting our bedroom a similar color. Looking good mama!


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