September 7, 2023

Still Painting and Dropping Out

I'm feeling awfully beat over here, but in a good way. I've certainly dropped out of the online scene for the last few days, and I apologize for lack of comments on your goodly blogs and responding personally to ones you leave for little ol' me.

Minus the paint cans in the corner, the living room is shaping up to be a pretty cheerful place.
It's so typical of me to finish off most of the room and start decorating rather than painting the last wall. I've never been known for patience when it comes to creative pursuits. But my plan is to finish this off by the end of this weekend and not see the likes of a paint can in the next few years.

My best friend Shana had her second baby yesterday, laboring all the livelong Labor Day--and it was a quite the labor. I'm thrilled to welcome another member into the Mom's of Boys club, and am so pleased that we have yet another thing in common, now that she has a son.

So that's my life at the moment, other than the strong wish to hold another babe of my own one day soon. Leave some lighthearted comments for the Mister telling him why he needs to submit, er agree, to having another baby. :) Even though it would entail more painting, as my choice of color in the third bedroom was not so great.

Have a nice day, friends!


  1. Yeah for your friend!!!This pic of your home looks like it is from a magazine!!! Beautiful!

  2. Great color!! Keep going - you'll be done before you know it!

    What can I say about siblings? The baby stage only lasts for a season, then they entertain each other, that's for sure! :)

  3. When we moved into our current house, I--yes I--painted every room in it except the 3 bathrooms and the kitchen. I even painted the rooms my husband did, because, well, let's just say he was never cut out to be a painter. So that would be: living room, dining room, den, and 5 bedrooms. Plus half the laundry room. I was so sick of painting by that point, and then I got pregnant, that it's still only half yellow. Turquoise is still coming one of these days! (I figured I could go crazy in a laundry room, right?)

    As for baby...lighthearted but seriously, I say to you: two children may seem like more work now, and it may actually BE more work now, but when they're older and can play together rather than pester you 24/7, you'll be glad you did it. I swear.

  4. The living room looks great...the color *totally* changes the feel of the room, GREAT job!!! :D

    Oh, and as for the mister...he knows that to get a baby, y'all get to "try" for one, right? ;) Sounds like a good incentive for any husband! :P

  5. Come visit us! He's so sleepy all day (which means you-know-what at night). Maybe Soren can wake him up...


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