October 5, 2023

A Bit of "Sewing" on a Rainy Day

After three days of cold rain, I'm both thankful for the end of the drought here in PA and going somewhat stir crazy.  The living room redo has spilled over into our downstairs bathroom, the nightmare of which I have conveniently "forgotten" to document in photos.  It was painted the gross mustard yellow fo the living room, and sorely needed some help in tying it together and making it look less horrid. 
As part of the last bit of redecorating (following repainting and sticking white contact paper over ugly yellow tiles, similar to what I did in the kitchen and which has worked swimmingly thus far),
I decided to hide the mess under the sink that the previous owners had created.  Rather than having exposed pipes, they boxed it in with scrap wood and an old cabinet door.
I tried painting it, but it still looked junky.  So I decided to make a little sink skirt, which reminds me of something in my grandmother's house, and also fits into the vintage feel of our home.  It will certainly tide me over until a real, complete renovation of this room can occur. 
Confession: this sewing project wasn't so much about sewing as it was my discovery of Stitch Witchery. Oh my word, that stuff is like the crack cocaine of the sewing arts!  I hemmed the entire skirt with it and only sewed on the binding and velcro around the top. 
I must mention my grandma in here again, since I found this stash of Stitch Witchery in her old sewing machine cabinet that I inherited from her. So she's got me hooked on it, beyond the grave.

It's so easy and addictive that I whipped up a no-sew runner for the bathroom shelf too, in less than 10 minutes.
Stitch Witchery will certainly come in handy for any last-minute Halloween costumes. For now, it's keeping me busy during Soren's extra long nap time today (can I hear another "yay" for rain?).


  1. You are super clever and that skirt was just the right solution!

  2. How cute and sweet is that little sink skirt!! You did a great job even if there wasn't a lot of sewing involved, it still turned out adorable :)

  3. I've heard of Stitch Witchery, but never used it - sounds like I might need to try it! Have you figured out what Soren will be for Halloween yet?

  4. Oh my goodness I love that! I so need it in my bathroom. :)

  5. That looks SO cute...what a nice way to freshen up the space!

  6. What a cute and tidy idea for dealing with a fussy space. :)

    P.S. Your living room redo looks fab!

  7. Another great job! The skirt looks really cute on the sink and I like how you put the same fabric elsewhere in the room!


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