October 28, 2023

A Very Brave Witch and More Halloween Stories

Halloween is just around the corner, and we've been caught up in the mood of the season by reading spooky books and making pumpkin crafts.  Recently another seasonally-appropriate form of entertainment entered our radar--the not-so-scary Halloween tales from Scholastic, A Very Brave Witch...and more Halloween Stories.
While I must admit that we had not read many of the books featured on this set, we're still enjoying them.  The Witch in the Cherry Tree is by-far my favorite, both in its story line, the language and the narration.
And most happily, our beloved Where the Wild Things Are, is also included in this 3 DVD set ($14.95).

Of course is also includes A Very Brave Witch, a cute tale of Halloween from a young witch's point-of-view.   I know we'll be watching and reading along with these not-so-spooky tales for years to come. 
Disclosure: I received a complementary copy of this DVD set for review purposes.

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  1. Really a cute set, and your fave is a huge fave of ours too!


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