November 16, 2023

Terra Chips Are Not Safe in Our House

My salt tooth will not allow a bag of Terra Chips to go unopened in our house.  I was sent a few bags of Original Terra Chips to try out (are you kidding me, of course I'll devour your delicious and colorful chips, thank you very much), and I wanted to take some photos of the chips, but alas, they're gone.
I mean, how pretty would these look in bowls in your kitchen on Thanksgiving Day?

When I attended the BlogHer conference back in August, I was so impressed with their booth. They had a professional chef there, mixing up interesting and tasty toppings for the chips. Who would have thought Terra Chips needed anything else?  But goodness, when you tasted the toppings, you realized you were in the midst of culinary genius.  Their website has a plethora of recipes, including one for Butter Baked Squash spread for Terra Chips that would be seasonally-appropriate for parties and general snacking.

And they're nutritious too!  Made with mix of exotic vegetables including taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata, parsnip, and ruby taro, you don't have to be concerned that you're just eating empty calories. 

I can't wait to try some of their other varieties, including the Stripes and Blues gourmet barbeque chips 

and the Lemon Pepper Kettle cooked chips.
Will my waistline forgive me?  Let the holiday snacking begin!
Disclosure: I received 2 bags of Original Terra Chips for review purposes, and sadly, they didn't last very long.


  1. Terra Chips don't last long at my house either :)

  2. Oh, I LOVE Terra Chips! I was so excited to see them among the sponsors at BlogHer-I gravitated RIGHT over there xD

    This is a wonderful review to pair with a wonderful product!

    I want me some chips now. LOL


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