January 10, 2024

Monday Randomness

I've been so unmotivated to do much of anything lately, especially blog-related.  It's easy to blame the pregnancy, however the indoor living has been quite rough, especially in our little twin house.

We've played a lot of "car wash" at the table, and done some finger painting.
as well as indulging in hot chocolate, courtesy of my mother-in-law and her yummy homemade stuff.
Soren is a certified marshmallow addict--he literally cannot get enough.
He also is quite the model for messy living.
And a model for Trotsky-like goatees made of chocolate.  Though I doubt Trotsky made faces like this, even towards Joseph Stalin.
Such a serious cocoa drinker, this kid.
So far my pants still fit me, though I really believe once I can feel something under my flab, I'll believe that the pregnancy is real.
It does seem like my hips and butt are flabbier, then again it's the immobile time of year, stuck inside, recovering from holiday sweets.

At least there's some hope for spring, in the form of Paperwhites in our kitchen.
So that's some randomness from this ordinary life.  How are you coping with the winter doldrums?


  1. Lots of baking is helping me get by. Though now I'm also packing sooo that helps too LOL I didn't even notice it was snowing outside until Charlie pointed it out to me. I was buried in a pile of boxes trying to forge a path through our living room.

    My goodness that is a serious cocoa loving face! I'm sure he doesn't mind the indoor play as long as it is accompanied by marshmallows aplenty ;)

  2. Keeping busy making soap, of course! We had a snow day today - it was coming down ALL day! The girls went out & played for a couple hours. :)

    Love the cocoa face!

  3. trying to escape this small apt. but we have been sick. bummer.
    i love your idea for the car wash must steal that one. And your son is super cute, but u already know that! ;O)

  4. He is such a cutie!!! I love how he holds his cup. Jayden can't get enough of cocoa and tea. We have some exquisite lil guys.

    Cooking up new meals and treats and buying little things here and there for the home like DAYLIGHT lightbulbs have helped us!

  5. That cocoa sure puts him in a happy, playful mood! I looked forward to the point when I knew it was baby I was carrying and not just extra weight. It's fun after that!

    Love the sprouting bulbs too!

  6. LOVE his messy little face!!!

    And I love your teeny belly...I'm excited to see some bump photos when you finally "pop!" :)


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