January 26, 2024

Wordless Wednesday: Digging Out, Again

There's nothing more exciting than shoveling snow (again!) while 4 months pregnant.  Well, maybe eating the snow and piling it into a Tonka truck.
Truthfully, I actually like shoveling, even when pregnant. It's a great workout, and I do take plenty of breaks.


  1. That's what husbands are for!!

    Be careful mama.

  2. I live in a condominium community so I never have to worry about shoveling. However, if I had a house, I would totally shovel. :)
    Alex loves taking his trucks out in the snow too. boys and trucks.. :D

  3. I kinda like the snow as long as I'm bundled up and keeping warm. Looks like Soren is having a wonderful time!

  4. :D I agree. Shoveling snow is fun, as long as no one gets hurt. One funny memory I have of shoveling snow is strapping Kidoodle onto my back so I could make a dent in our huge snow stash on our driveway. He was about a year old, and well bundled, but unhappy as could be. He started bawling, and then he started throwing up. . . Er. . . Yuck. At least he threw up in the snow and not on me. I gave up that day. I cried. And then I laughed. :)

  5. He's getting so grown up! Maybe you should give him the shovel… I'm about sick of the cold weather. Trying to remember our sunburns from NY so I don't miss summertime!

  6. Was he helping by hauling the snow away in that truck? looks like it ;)
    I don't/can't shovel anymore... and with a huge almost vertical driveway you would need lots of rest breaks! DH uses a lawn tractor with a snow-thrower on it, ugh!

  7. I don't know, man...eating it sounds like more fun than shoveling!!

  8. Aw, look at that little red-nosed face xD

    You best be careful shoveling that snow! I'm all for exercise, but safety first :)

  9. A freshly shoveled walkway always feels nice. I love the Tonka truck! My boys had one too..well, we still have it! Classic toy!


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