February 10, 2024

Mid-Pregnancy Update

I really can't believe I'm halfway through this pregnancy.  It feels a little more real, now that I'm finally feeling this little mitten kick.  I assumed it would be earlier than my pregnancy with Soren, however this baby it seems is not much of a mover.  Hopefully that will continue at least into the first year, considering that my son is literally in constant motion all the time.  Mama needs a break! :)

We're finding out the sex on Tuesday, assuming the stars align and everything cooperates.  It's pretty exciting for us, and though we would like to have a little girl, just to get the experience of what it's like to raise a daughter, we'd still be happy with a boy.  I mean, how fun, two little boys playing (or fighting, if it's anything like my brothers) together.  So either way, we're eager to find out, and of course hope that the baby looks healthy and on track with his/her growth.

As far as my health and well-being, I can say that I'm exhausted by evening, though I attribute that to mostly being the mother to a toddler.  Other than a weird hearing issue 2 weeks ago, where I woke up with super-hearing (seriously, everything was louder and I walked around all day with tissue bits in my ears), things have been pretty standard with my pregnancy. I'm showing more, and have had to pull out the maternity jeans.  It's an awkward stage, when regular clothes are too tight but maternity ones are too big.
Emotionally, I'm nervous about having a newborn in the house again.  The sleepless nights. The unexplained crying.  The swaddling and nursing.  I wasn't fond of the infancy stage, so I'm  trying to mentally prepare myself for it again, and telling myself it just might be different with another baby.  Maybe this one will sleep in places other than in my arms.  What a treat that would be.

Now it's on to moving Soren to a big-boy room, which requires replacing the windows in our current playroom (all of them are broken in some way, and drafty).  Once we do that after getting our tax return back, we'll paint and then get a twin bed and dresser for him.  Then a few little changes in the nursery, and we should be good to go. It's weird how I feel I have so much time to do this, but in reality, the birth will be here soon, especially that I'm already almost 20 weeks and that just flew by.  But it will all get done, just like that quilt that I'm supposedly working on!


  1. Wow! 20 weeks already! Goes by so fast! Belly's looking good!

  2. You are looking SO cute!!! It's hard to believe that you're halfway through already!

    P.S. I'm bursting with excitement to find out if the baby is a boy or girl... :)

  3. It has gone by fast! So crazy...

    I can't wait to hear how your appointment goes Tuesday :) Assuming, you'll share with us that is ;)

    Good luck with the big boy room transition. I hope you're able to rest a little bit each day to recharge some energy.

  4. How exciting!! I mean, 20 weeks...finding out the sex of the baby...getting Soren in a big bed - all of it!

  5. you look wonderful! I had those same concerns, but it is so much easier the second time around. it will come back to memory! So excited for u!

  6. Amen! Infancy is not my favorite stage, either, although I am reminding myself how precious and amazing newborns are. It's a special, magical (aka: sleep deprived) time. :)

    Your belly is so cute! I can't wait to find out if a little sis or little bro is on its way. I think it's amazing how much faster a second pregnancy goes, and I'm pretty sure the toddlers get the credit for that.

  7. Wow! I can't believe that you are at the halfway point already! You look so darn adorable...good luck Tuesday!

  8. Aw, look at you and your baby bump ^.^ You look so good!

    I, too, can't believe you're already halfway through-It seemed just yesterday you blogged about it and now look at you. Time definitely does fly by O.o

    I'm sure if you guys budget your time right, you'll get everything done. If not, I know you guys will get it done eventually :)

    Good luck with everything you have to do and here is to a happy and healthy latter half of your pregnancy!

  9. omg...so fast! seems like only yesterday I found out you were expecting =). I'm so nervous about having a newborn in the house again too...

  10. You look fabulous! I remember being a lot more tuckered out with Eliana because of chasing around Alex all day. Pregnancy keeps your body busy enough all by itself...then add a toddler boy to it. lol
    Can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or girl. :)

  11. Ooooh, so exciting hearing whether it's a boy or girl! :) Maybe a girl, considering less movement this time around. My first was a girl and she moved but not NEARLY as much as my little boy moved.

    I'm going through that infancy stage right now and although it's exhausting having a toddler and a baby, I'm trying to enjoy it - I know it'll go by fast! The swing has been a life-saver - he sleeps in it a lot. So... get a swing. LOL


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