February 21, 2024

Winter Weekend at the Beach

After waking up this morning to an inch of snow, I've been yearning for the return of this past weekend's warmer weather.  Here in the Northeast, we had some mild weather on Friday and Saturday, so Soren and I headed to my parents' house along the tiny Delaware coast this weekend.  It was so nice to be outside without coats, hats, or gloves.

Soren had a great time playing along the sandy bay near the house.
He even dared to dip his feet in the chilly water. I swear, kids' bodies are powered by the equivalent of a grapefruit-sized supernova.
We then headed to the beach the next day, which wasn't as idyllic, in that we were being whipped by 50 mph winds.
Despite the utterly gorgeous day, imagine a sandstorm blowing every so often right into your face.  Whose idea was this anyway? (uh, mine).  I paid for it by having to carry him across the lumpy sand, back to the boardwalk--mind you, being pregnant and fighting off the end of a cold, all while sand is hitting my face like shrapnel.
I'm glad we went though, just to get out of the funk of being stuck inside at home.  I love that my son could spend all day outside, just playing with sand, sticks and water. 
Now if only the weather would cooperate! We can't wait until Spring.


  1. Ahh, even if it's cold it's beautiful! I'd spend an afternoon on the beach too.

  2. Gorgeous. We've been having warm, lovely weather here. (Thankfully with no sand storms.) It calls us outside every day.

  3. What a great getaway! Minus the blowing sand, of course...

  4. I think it looks amazing. I'd love to spend some time near the ocean one of these days. It's been far too long.


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