February 9, 2024

Wordless Wednesday: The Snow Cave

Some of the big kids in the neighborhood dug a cave out of a huge snow pile at the church down the block, so we went to check it out.
Of course it was a hit!
The pile was lots of fun to climb too, and made for an easy bedtime due to all the vertical exercise.
The only issue was that after some days of wet snow and rain, the pile was pretty dirty.  No surprise that somebody wanted to taste the dirt-peppered snow.
The best part for S was sliding down the pile, like a giant icy sliding board.
Finally, a good side of winter!


  1. Fun! I specifically remember a winter when my sister and I did the same thing together. We called it an igloo. It was so fun...and surprisingly warm. lol

  2. Isn't it fun to watch toddlers become more creative and independent at play? S. is darling, too.

  3. So fun :) I'd say I wished we had enough snow to do that, but that'd be a lie ;)

  4. Cool cave! My kids would love it!

  5. My DH would make these for our boys when ever there was a big storm. this last xmas we were up by the oldest sons & they got a ton of snow, so after DH helped him shovel the walk & their driveway & alley he started making a huge pile in the yard, which our son dug out the inside for his boys. He had to take them out that night in the dark, he was excited to see their expressions.

  6. That is too cool that you found that and got to explore it! His face shows his very clear delight!

  7. That's a big cave!! As long as the temps/wind chill aren't subzero, I think it's fun to play in the snow too! :)

  8. Awww, look at that face xD
    Those are the memories that he'll keep with him when he grows up-I remember when my sister and I made an awesome igloo.

    I STILL remember that great igloo and the time spent in it :)

  9. I'm not a fan of the snow, but that looks like so much fun that even I'd play in it.


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