March 31, 2023

Paper Chocolate Bunny Craft (Tutorial)

With Easter coming up in less than a month, we've gotten out our plastic egg stash, our baskets, and one lone fuzzy chick whose origins elude me at the moment.  Looking for something to both occupy my 3 year-old and add some spring festivity to our door, we made some paper "chocolate" bunnies using construction paper, glue and chalk.
 My version, definitely too stuffy compared to Soren's
You don't really need much, just some brown paper (even a paper bag will do), items for coloring, either crayons, chalk, or markers, glue and any doo-dads like sequins, foam shapes or paper you have lying about.
First you'll need to draw or trace a bunny shape.  I drew this one, but you could easily search for "bunny coloring pages" or clip art online to find one to trace.
Next, cut out your rabbit.  Depending on their age, the kiddos can cut these out themselves.
I traced my original bunny onto more brown paper to make 2 more identical rabbits.
Let your kids color their rabbits as they wish, with whatever coloring agents you'd like.  I was envisioning something along the lines of these:
Older kids could cut out items like carrots and clothing from construction paper.

Next, put some Elmer's glue on a plate or in a jar and give your child an old brush.  Then let them paint glue on their rabbits, and add the embellishments.
Soren was most taken with the googly eyes.  Wow, these bunnies won't need the beta carotene in carrots for good vision!
We also glued on a little bit of cotton for the tails--which definitely seems like a necessity for this project.
Once dry, we taped them to our front door.  Let's hope the mailman doesn't take a nibble from the ears.
I love the silhouette they create on the inside of the door. Like they're just taking a break on our front porch from all their hopping around.

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  1. Adorable and great idea. Using brown paper bags makes it "green" as well as chocolate! I'm linking to this bunny craft from Easy Easter Crafts in the Easy Easter Paper Crafts section. My grandkids will love this one.


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