March 31, 2023

What Little Boys Are Made Of

Chris and I often joke about how nearly every form of play our son engages in is destructive.  Balloons? Wants to maul and pop them.  Play dough? Pounded and mangled, especially if he ever requests me to make something out of it for him (poor flattened snow man, alive for seconds).  Painting?  Let's just say he has a rough touch; he usually paints so deliberately and roughly that he wears through the paper to the easel (his dad is the same way with drawing).
He's now in his "all eraser period" of drawing, where he draws with chalk only to erase it.  It's not so much about the mark making, but just getting something on the chalk board to be able to eradicate it.

If you've taken an art history class, you might have heard of the artist Robert Rauschenburg, who made some "eraser drawings" at one point in his career.  Chris and I used to crack up at this video clip, from the documentary, Painters Painting, where he talks about erasing a Willem de Kooning drawing (we're dorks, I know, please bear with us).

(you're welcome dear husband, I know you're glad I dug up that clip)
Ah-hem, back to my post.  As much as I thought I knew about boys--snips and snails and puppy dog tails, all that---I really find myself swimming in new territory every time.  Who knew that my son would rather tip over the mini basketball hoop onto the kids in a play area than shoot the balls?
Or crawl out of said play area, a walled in space, finding the only exit underneath the soccer goal nets.  Never mind that all the toys and balls are inside the field--not sure what he wanted to play with beyond that area.
And the poor block table set up for some of the quieter kids--when Soren wandered over, he just knocked down someone's creation, then tossed a few blocks.  It's exhausting and embarrassing for me, but completely delightful for him.  Sigh.

However, I do try to keep on the sunny side, and remind myself how lucky we are to have such an exuberant child, albeit one who .  Despite his behavior, he really is sweet and considerate, being careful of the smaller kids (usually!) and waiting his turn without my cajoling on things like the slide.
Soren's also quite a gentleman when it comes to the ladies.  He wanted to take my friend's daughter on a little tour of the facility (a fitness center, which hosts a tot event each week) when she got there, even though this was his first time there!  It was cute (and I hope my friend doesn't mind that I posted this photo).
Soren did the same thing when we were in Disney World, with my blogger friend Desi's daughter Raileigh, taking her around The Boneyard.  Something about that "Lucky Charms" shirt, I guess.
It melts my heart!  Yet at the same time, it's so confusing!  Oh, boys, how we girls adore and are confounded by you.
P.S. Thanks Desi for sharing the photos!  And, no, I don't dress him in that Lucky Charms shirt exclusively--it was pure coincidence.


  1. Oh my...he is so adorable escorting the girls around!!

    My son plays in much the same way. I'm assuming they grow out if it at some point, or at least until they start trying to blow things up!!

  2. What a little gentleman :) I always get a little verklempt when Charlie holds hands with her little guy friend. It's just so sweet and innocent!

  3. I'd be alright with the rough and tumble if he also has that chivalrous side. Adorable!

  4. Oh boy! You got a lady lover! Think right now he is leaning toward blondes, but that could change! LOL
    My son wanted to get married when he was in K! First it was Elizabeth and he said they could get married and he could being her home to live with him. Then it was twins. He said one could stay home and one could work! LOL Luckily at 26 he is just with one lady and probably will be getting married in the near future.
    I think it is great when they love the ladies. My hubby was like that and my son, and they are wonderful-will do anything for the women-to make us happy.

  5. Truly worthy of your favorite...what a cutey. And yes they do grow out of the destruction phase a bit, but you are right it only gets bigger; I have found my hubby and sons tearing apart old Beaver Dams just to see what it does to the water level! And I have two 18 year olds and a 15 year old!!!! At least I have a little hope for my 11 year old daughter...oh wait that was her yelling out instructions from the middle of the dam!


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