March 28, 2023


When people ask me about motherhood and my perception of time in regards to it, my response typically is that the days are so long and seem to last forever, but then when looking back, suddenly, months have flown by. It's weird how such a seemingly contradictory statement can be so true.
This weekend marked Soren's third birthday, and while flipping through some of our photo albums and reflecting on his birth day, I'm still flummoxed that it was an entire 3 years ago.
Wasn't it just a few months back that I opened this can of worms that brought forth many of the highest and lowest experiences of my life?
Despite some of the daily difficulties of parenting a very energetic little boy, I'm really enjoying 3 so far.  It's great to have someone to chat with (though I wish there was a mute button sometimes) and to be able to relate to him more so than in the earlier 2 years. 
His joy is infectious, as are his frustrating moments and tantrums. He certainly lives up to one of the meanings of his name--"severe".   But his curiosity about life, his sweetness and innocence, and his eagerness to try new things are so inspiring to his cynical parents.
As Chris often says, he's our "grist for the mill" in that the highest potential for growth in one's life occurs when things are hard--and I can't say it's been unicorns and rainbows with Soren.

To our little bag of grist, we hope that 3 continues to be a great adventure for you, and we look forward to watching you grown and change.  Be easy on us darling, and Happy Birthday!

Love, Mama and Dada.


  1. Couldn't help but tear up a bit. You hit the nail on the head when you mention infectious joy {along with the frustrating moments and tantrums}. It's so true...

    Charlie would totally get a kick out of those decorations too by the way. She LOVES the cat in the hat.

    Happy big 3 to Soren! It's been so great watching him grow up {albeit via your blog}.

  2. Oh, he's just so cute! My "baby" will turn 5 in April and I can hardly believe how fast time is going by. I wish I could keep him little longer.

  3. Aww, he is just so adorable! What a blessing for you and your family!

  4. Happy Birthday, S! Congrats to you all. Your bright party looks cherry and festive, just like it should. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your little guy! It's true what you said & amazing how days and even hours can drag on sometimes, but time is flying all the same. Just this past weekend I was reminiscing with my husband about how we used to have to worry about the kids walking on the stairs by themselves and now they're teenagers! It really is an adventure having children.


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