April 22, 2023

Easter Weekend Musings

Since I'm not a ham and beans kind of gal, I've decided I'm going to make a Nicoise Salad for our Easter dinner this year.  I love the combination of greens, fresh spring veggies, potatoes, eggs and fish, and think it's a salad that can really hold its own as a meal.
I'm also thinking of making a cake for dessert, like this one:
I love the combination of raspberry and lemon, though I probably won't end up making cookies for decorating it--maybe just coconut and berries.  My aunt used to make an amazing lamb-shaped coconut cake every year, though I'm not feeling so ambitious or wanting all those leftovers.

Since we're getting together with my family on Saturday for my mom's birthday dinner, we're going to spend Easter at home this year.  Probably a little egg hunt in the backyard for S, and take a walk over to the park.  There's an egg hunt there on Saturday, which was fun last year due to the Easter Bunny and a firetruck.
Below: photo from last year's backyard hunt at my in-laws'.

And a photo from the Easter party at a friend's house yesterday.  I"m always shocked by the changes one year brings.
I haven't decided if we'll dye eggs, given that I have a dozen brown ones on hand that don't take too well to natural dyes.  We dyed a few at the party yesterday (along with fingertips, after S dipped them into the cups!)
Hope your weekend is peaceful and spent with those you love! Happy Easter, friends.


  1. A quiet Easter sounds nice...put your feet up and rest, mama! :)

  2. The salad sounds beautiful, and the cake looks lovely. I'm with you--I've decorated a cake with sugar cookies , and they are a bit much. Unless you have 30 people to help you eat it!

    Enjoy your peaceful weekend. We are hoping for the same--keeping things simple and family focused. (But we will dye & hunt for Easter eggs, even if we don't get around to it till Monday, because hard boiled eggs are one of Kidoodle's very favorite foods.)

  3. Mmm, that cake looks so tasty, I wish you to make it for your Easter dinner! And, seeing you are wondering about whether to color eggs, I have a few ideas over at my blog, so maybe you will get inspired: http://blog.kanelstrand.com/2011/04/sustainable-easter.html

  4. I hope the Jeweler and the rest of your family have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Ooh that cake looks delicious... I hope whatever you ended up making was satisfying and hope you and your family had a great day :)

  6. We didn't dye eggs either, but each kid painted one w/ poster paint. Not only did it stain clothes, it seeped through the shell and stained the egg white, which Deeds wanted to eat! :(

  7. I LOVE that cake! Then again, it sounds good with the coconut and berries too!

  8. I say blech to ham & beans too! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. :)


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