April 21, 2023

Easy Easter Craft

Have you been stepping on plastic eggs lately? I think it must be one a day at our house (where the heck have they all come from?), so last night, lying in bed, making mental preparations for today's Easter party with our playgroup, I came up with these:
They're super-simple spring creatures that will use up some of those plastic eggs that seem to multiply like rabbits.

Here's what you'll need:
Plastic egg, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, glue stick, Tacky Glue, or Glue Dots, scissors, craft foam, permanent markers

Open up your egg.  You'll notice that each half has 2 holes poked in it.  You'll be threading pipe cleaners through these.
With the bottom section (the squat-er one), thread a pipe cleaner (actually I used half of one, just cut a large one in half) into one hole from the inside
and then out the other hole, also from the inside.  It will look like this:
This will make the feet of your creature.  You can then twist them into feet, or just bend them however you'd like.
Do the same thing for the head.  Thread a pipe cleaner through the inside holes again, then bend it into the shape you want. 
This creature was a kind of Easter bug, with funky antennae.  For the rabbit, I looped two ears, then twisted the pipe cleaner around itself at the base to secure the ears.  For the duck/chick, omit this step.

Add google eyes, round stickers, or even pieces of foam to make the eyes.
My google eyes had adhesive on the back already.  To add other facial features, I cut shapes out of foam and stuck them to the egg with Glue Dots. 
Glue stick or a dab of tacky glue should work fine too, though it will take longer to dry.
For the duck, I cut a beak and wings out of foam and added them to the yellow egg.
To finish, add a cotton ball tail to your rabbit, maybe a feather to your duck, and draw some whiskers and a mouth on the bunny with permanent marker. 
These would be cute place settings at your Easter table, or just friendly additions to your Easter baskets.  Have fun!


  1. I love those curly little legs and the bunny's cute face.

  2. My favorite Easter activity is eating jelly beans. Thanks for this distraction, from the sugary stuff.

  3. These are really cute! I think Raileigh and I just might have to make these! :)

    She misses Soren lots, by the way. She literally talks about him every single day!

  4. This yr we're not hosting an easter party, but next year these crafts will come in handy for all the kiddos!

  5. What a fun activity. I love the bunny ears and the googley eyes. My daughter would love this.

  6. Aww, so cute! I'll take note of this :D


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