April 18, 2023

Sewing, Knitting, Building, and Pot Bellied Pigs!

Not a bad weekend, in my opinion, thanks to all of the above things.

On Saturday, S and I braved the cool, rainy weather for an egg hunt at Easter on the Farm.
Waiting for the race to begin
In addition to the egg hunt, we got to see baby chicks, and Pee Wee, an adorable pot bellied pig.  If we had a bigger yard and were looking for a pet, I'd definitely have adopted him.  And probably been forced to return him by the Mister.
We didn't stay long, due to the weather, but still enjoyed our time there, and of course the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch faschnauts sprinkled with sugar.

Check out the chocolate bunny that S won on Saturday's egg hunt at Easter on the Farm.
I couldn't keep that out of his hands when we got home, understandably so.

While we were out, Chris was working away in the garage, trying to finish off the upstairs space.  He and his dad had re-sided the building last summer, and Chris has been itching to finish the second floor to be a play space for the kids.
It's slowly but surely coming along, as Chris rebuilds the interior walls so that he can hang drywall (the old walls are wonky, and the studs are not set on 16" spaces).  We think it's going to be an amazing space, just a large open room with lots of windows, great for toys and friends, and maybe something creative or meditative, depending whether or not we steal back the space from the kids.
 The room last summer, when installing the windows.
We have this half-baked idea of starting a "School of Lost Arts" to educate people about forgotten skills like sharpening knives, tying knots, and darning a sock.  This could be a great space for that.
As with all renovations, they don't usually mesh well with kids, hence this has become the project that just doesn't end.  Thankfully it's not inside our house, and we don't have to step over boards and hammers all day long.
Soren's boy-nature is drawn to the allure of the hammer and sawdust, so of course he loves to be in the space with his daddy, "helping".
On the home front, I finally finished the baby pants, 2 pair! 
I followed Rae's instructions, which were super-simple, and I intend on making a few more pair over the next few weeks.   Thanks Ammie for sharing the link to the post!

I was able to recycle an old shirt of Chris' too.
I loved the pattern on it, and hated to donate it to Goodwill, even though it was way too big on him.  So it was perfect for the baby pants, and the fabric is light and soft.

I also started working on a vest for Soren, from the book Natural Knits for Babies and Moms.
I'm not so good at knitting to size, so even though this is a baby pattern, my bulkier yarn and loose knitting yielded a sweater vest large enough for a 3 year old.  I've also adapted the pattern to knit it in the round, since I hate seaming sweaters--I suck at neatly sewing the pieces together.

All in all a busy but satisfying weekend.  The nesting instinct has definitely kicked in over here!


  1. Those pants turned out super cute!! Pee Wee looks so sweet. I'd adopt him too. And my gosh, that bunny is huuuuge!

  2. I have to admit that a potbellied pig sounds like a really fun pet :)

    And you wouldn't have been able to pry that chocolate bunny out of my hands either!

  3. Wow, so much goodness here that I don't know where to start.

    I love pigs, especially clean small ones. That vest is gorgeous, and will look so smart on Soren. Your baby pants are very charming. :) You're welcome. I like this pattern, too. The repurposing is perfect for Earth Day this weekend. Also, you and Soren are such a pretty pair. Oh, and I can hardly wait to dig into some Easter chocolate. . . Think I can make it till next week??

  4. I hope you get your space finished soon! It looks like such a fun place for the kids! (Ok, and maybe for the adults too.) We opened up the bedroom over our garage and finished out the attic space. It's now our office and we LOVE it!

  5. You guys are quite brave for going out in that nasty weather! But hey, if the little man is all for it, I saw that's good :)

    Speaking of which, you think he'll share that chocolate bunny with me!? Hehe.

    As always, it sounds like you're a busy, busy lady! Knitting and sewing on top of everything else-Care to share some of that energy with me? Lol

    I hope you guys are all doing well!!

  6. You have been SO busy!!! Love the idea of a School for Lost Arts, and you're absolutely right, that is the perfect place for it! Great work on the sweater vest & baby pants... so cute!!

  7. You did such a nice job on your projects...as always! I don't blame him for being excited about the chocolate bunny. Yum! :)

  8. I love those little pants Kathleen!!

    And-- I think the School of Lost Arts sounds fascinating!


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