May 13, 2023

Baby Month: Clean Key Fun for Babies with Kleynimals

One toy that's always part of the go-to catchall for babies are keys.  My son loved to jingle mine, and I always knew if we were out and about, keys were often something that would entertain him, and something that I didn't have to worry about adding to the diaper bag--they were always with me.

However I was always a bit concerned about how gross my keys actually are, I mean, who washes off their keys periodically? I certainly don't, and when my son put them in his mouth, I continually had to pull them out, not wanting him to be devouring germs and what-not.

Recently I came across a brilliant, mom-designed product called Kleynimals (pronounced Clean-i-mals), which is such a fabulous idea for babies.
They're a set of stainless steel "keys" just for baby, with adorable animals sculpted into the keys.
I don't know about your babies, but when my son was small, he was most interested in toys that seemed "forbidden" to babies, basically anything made of metal and not plastic.  In fact, he's still that way, even as a 3 year old, and was excited to get to play with this fun set of keys.
Today my friend's 8 month-old son tested them out for me, and they were a hit with him.  He held onto them, jingling, jangling and chewing them for quite a while, at least until they became slippery with his drool when he began to drop them.  A quick towel-off would work just fine.
I like that Kleynimals and its company are eco-friendly, in that the keys are recyclable, free of chemicals, and all promotional materials are printed on recycled paper.

Kleynimals  can be put right into the dishwasher, and you can also have the back of one of the keys engraved.  What a great idea for a baby shower or first birthday gift!
These will be a wonderful toy for my baby to play with, if only I can pry them from my preschooler's hands!  I also like that by purchasing Kleynimals, buyers are supporting a mom-founded, American business.

You can keep up with Kleynimals via their Facebook page and on their website.


  1. Those are adorable, thanks for posting!! I LOVE anything that allows my kiddo to explore safely!! (If you haven't already, check out the story book line, 'Indestructibles' they are AMAZING!!)

  2. This is actually pretty brilliant!

  3. Love these!!! Now for a life like looking smart phone for babies! ;)

  4. nice idea with the baby keys and the products are cute :D


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