May 25, 2023

Baby Month: Snugli

The availability and variety of baby carriers these days is amazing; it's great seeing how popular and accepted wearing a wee one has become.  I look forward to carrying my baby, for reasons of closeness and convenience, especially while parenting other children--I need free hands!

I recently had a chance to try out a baby carrier from Snugli, using my friend's adorable eight-month old son Lloyd as my guinea pig.  Snugli has some really hip designs, like the Union Jack Front Snugli, for punk rock and non-punk rock parents alike
as well as the Love Tattoo Front and Back Snugli.
and the Mini Skulls Front Vented Snugli.  Sense an edgy theme here?

I tested out the Seated Snugli in the Sun print, and was impressed by how easy it was to put on and how comfortable it was holding Lloyd.  Mind you, I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and was still able to wear him in front with no problem.  The pull-straps made it easy to tighten the carrier once I had it on, with the baby inside.

I like that this carrier is so versatile, being able to be used either on the front of your body, on your hip, or on your back.  There's also a cargo pocket for storing things like pacifiers, money, etc., which is really convenient when you're out taking a walk.  The print is pretty, and has some gold in the pattern, which I was unable to notice from the website.  At just under $80, the Seated Snugli is cheaper than some other front and back carriers, so it might suit your baby budget better.  Plus so many of the other Snugli styles are even more affordable, starting at $39.99.  I'd recommend Snugli, and with so many designs to choose from, you're certain to find one that's right for your lifestyle.

You can keep up with Snugli on Facebook too, for latest trends and info on their products.
Disclosure: I received a Snugli carrier for review purposes.

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