May 18, 2023

Be Kind

During this last stretch of pregnancy, I'm reminded of how the growing of a baby incites so much kindness in people around me, both friends and strangers.  Holding open doors, checking to see if I need some water, asking after my health, and just generally smiling and being friendly and helpful, in so many little ways.  It's so touching and humbling, and I'm enjoying it.

It's a great reminder to be kind to ourselves, especially as mothers. It's often the time when we feel the most frustrated (and often failing!) as human beings, and it's amazing how hard we are on ourselves about it.  And don't get me started on other people and their opinions of how we're parenting our kids.  The early years of parenthood are not always the time and place to be critical! Believe me, we're hard enough on ourselves about our kids' behavior, eating habits, and educational growth.

I need to remind myself, beyond this pregnancy, to be gentle to Kathleen.  Eat well, think well, smile often, and rest, even without a baby in my belly.


  1. Yes, be nice to Kathleen! If Soren's feeling better, you should let me bring lunch over on Friday...or you come here for lunch if you're feeling up to it. I have lentil and brown rice stew in the freezer. It is yummy. And good for babies and mamas.

  2. I love how nice strangers are suddenly! I dropped something in CVS the other day and was debating just how badly I needed it (I didn't want to bend over and pick it up!) when somebody walked up behind me and picked it up for me! I couldn't believe it. I really love how nice and caring people are :)

  3. I have to tell you one of the nicest things (and one I miss the most, aside from the constant 'company') about being pregnant is how considerate and kind people were to me. Everyone was concerned for my well-being. People stopped asking me to do a bunch of tiresome errands and favors for them. Old people and other mothers treat you like you are something wonderful merely for breeding. It was great *sigh* and almost makes up for morning sickness.

  4. Bu then I have to remind some people that I'm just pregnant, not a fragile sick person lol still it's nice

  5. What a great post.

    I know I should be nicer to myself =).

    Now I should make an effort to do so...

  6. This is definitely a great post Kathleen, and so very true! We all don't take enough time time be kind to ourselves like we SHOULD be :)


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