May 1, 2023

Sesame Place Opening Day 2011

As one of Sesame Place's 2011 Ambassadors, I have been eagerly awaiting my first visit to the park, and finally got to enjoy it with my family yesterday.  It was opening day, with gorgeous spring weather--sunny and not too hot.
Sesame Place, located outside of Philadelphia in Langhorne, PA,  is perfect for young kids, though we did see some tweens having just as much fun as the little ones, especially in the Nets and Climbs area.
After a little coaxing and confidence-building, Soren quite enjoyed himself in the nets, as did my husband, who said it was a great workout.
My excuse of being pregnant kept me off of this one, though I honestly wanted to climb too!
What I liked most about Sesame Place is that it's such a physical park.  In addition to the walking, there are so many things for kids to climb on and explore
When we visit theme parks, Chris and I turn our focus to areas that allow our 3 year-old son to be physically active, like slides and spray playgrounds.  We know our son is a dynamo of energy, so naturally he's drawn to attractions that he can climb and jump on, rather than those where one waits in line to watch a performance.
I wish he was the kind of kid that had the patience and focus for performances, though I imagine as he matures that will change.
The Monster Maze was one of S's favorite areas, with the heavy bags knocking about, and even knocking him over into the sand. He loved it!
Ernie's Bounce Bed was tons of fun too, and worth the short wait.
We marveled at how happy he was exploring the attractions in the park.
Sesame Place certainly has plenty of physical attractions, though for kids who enjoy a good show, they have that covered too. There's a live version of Elmo's World, Abby Cadabby's Treasure Hunt, and the new Neighborhood Street Party Parade, which travels right through the re-created Sesame Street neighborhood.
One can even sit on a Fire Truck...woo hoo!
While our visit was a bit short yesterday (S was up at 5:30am and didn't nap on the ride down), we're eager to come back again soon, especially in warmer weather.  Half of the park is made up of water attractions, including the Count's Castle, which S soooo badly wanted to splash in.
We did let him get a little wet in a sprinkling can spray playground, but he was reluctant to run into the cold water.
We enjoyed lunch in the park, and it was great receiving the 30% member discount, which is available on all food and merchandise.  However I hope that Sesame Place continues to add healthy options to their menu; it was difficult finding vegetarian options, and the variety of things offered is limited.  I think next time we'll pack a small lunch and eat it in the park.  Larger picnic lunches must be eaten outside, though Sesame Place has a small picnic area right beyond the gates for guests to use.  You'll just need to get your hand stamped to return back in.
Before leaving, we had a chance to meet Oscar, who has a soft spot in our hearts, especially that our cat's name is Oscar.  That seemed to impress Oscar the Grouch when we told him.
I'm thoroughly impressed with Sesame Place and am looking forward to visiting many times this summer.  Look for some ticket giveaways for the park this summer and fall at Katydid and Kid.

You can keep up with Sesame Place on Twitter, Facebook, and the Sesame Place blog too, for updates on events and deals.  In addition to my take on things, you can get the scoop from the other Sesame Place Ambassadors too, including:
Disclosure: I received a Big Bird Season Pass for myself and family in exchange for being a Sesame Place Ambassador.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Love the photos!! Looks like you guys had so much fun! :-)

  3. WOW! That looks like so much fun! Plus, it wouldn't be that far of a drive for us (especially since we have family in PA) so we might have to make a visit to the park! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. My kids would have loved that back when they were younger. Looks like lots of fun things to play on. I mean really, it's Sesame Street! How fun is that!

  5. Just seeing the HUGE smile on the little man's face makes my whole day!! :)

    I'm so glad you guys got to go as a family and have so much fun-and of course that the weather actually cooperated!

  6. So, so fun! They seem to have a TON of things for kids to do, and I like that it involves getting lots of wiggles out.

  7. I saw you from a distance, never to see you again. Darnit!!

    Did you make it to the press conference?


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