May 20, 2023

Weekend Musings

I'm sad to report it's been a pretty difficult week around here, with stomach bugs and a lame cat kicking about.

Soren's been battling a stomach flu, which means comforting him as best as one can (so hard to not really be able to do anything for him) and cleaning up puked-on blankets and sheets.  And of course, rocky nights of sleep for him, with illness dreams that wake him (and me) a few times a night.  I'm just praying that Chris and I don't get it.
Add to the mix, our dear, sweet cat, Oscar, suddenly lost control of his back legs yesterday.  Poor cat was sick 2 weeks ago with some sort of equilibrium/nervous system issue, which left him stumbling about with a head tilt.  So I'm assuming this latest development is related to that, now that he's struggling to pull himself around like his own personal Christina's World.
(sorry to be so snarky, but I couldn't help but think of the reference).  And of course that means more yucky stuff to clean up, and towels to wash, since he can't get to the litter box.
Soren's been reading to Oscar, to make him feel better. It's so sweet!  I have my feeling this might be their last photo together, depending on what the vet says today.  I tear up just thinking of saying goodbye to our sweet kitty.

So far this post has been about the week's end, though my thoughts are now moving to the weekend, which will hopefully be a little better.  We are celebrating my brother's graduation from law school this evening, assuming we all don't lose our cookies throughout the day.  Tomorrow, we're tackling some of the nursery painting with my other brother and his wife, as well as other tasks throughout the house.

And I hope to finally finish up the quilt for the nursery, which technically is more of a wallhanging, but has been good practice for a larger version.  I just couldn't find the time or motivation for a larger one right now, though I still have plenty of fabric.
We have no big plans out, but are hoping to relax more next weekend, with Memorial Day and all.  I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing!


  1. Awww I am sorry about your cat. That is never easy. I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers. I hope Soren is feeling better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that about your cat! It breaks my heart when little kids and animals get sick because you really can't make them feel much better, but you can love on them. I'm glad Soren is loving on Oscar by reading to him. Let us know how the appointment goes today!

    And congrats goes to your brother! Law school-how exciting!

  3. Soren is such a sweetheart, I hope he is feeling better. My thoughts are with your cat, our pets are family and it is hard when they are not doing well.

    I love your quilt, the colors are beautiful!

  4. Oh no!!! I hope your son is better soon...and poor kitty. :(

  5. The nursery wall hanging looks great. Hope your son gets to feeling better soon.

  6. I feel sad for the clueless cat. :\


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