June 15, 2023

Farm Animals, Carnival Rides and Car Crashes

It was Soren's and my first demolition derby last night, which we watched from a hill during a local fair.  It was pretty cool!
It's funny the things that having a child exposes one to.  I mean, spending an evening watching beat-up cars smash each other in a mud pit was never really on my to-do list.  Same goes for  getting excited about having to stop at a crossing to watch a train and yelling for my son to hurry up and look out the window when a bulldozer goes by.
So after taking a walk around the fair grounds, petting animals
and riding the cheesy, possibly dangerous rides
We sat down for an All-American evening of waffles and ice cream and car crashes.
And it was great!


  1. Awwww, it looks like he had a GREAT time!! :)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful time! I love the look on Soren's face in the third picture-He looks so excited :)

  3. Glad you had a good time. Demos are a big thing where I live and we enjoy attending. Once in a while my husband will even participate in one.

  4. Yeah! I'm glad you guys had fun.

  5. The kid looks so happy! Soren's having a good time.


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