June 12, 2023

Waterslide-A-Thon for Big Brothers/Big Sisters at Great Wolf Lodge

Yesterday my boys and I headed to one of our favorite destinations--The Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, to participate in the second annual Waterslide-A-Thon to support the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.
 For every person who traveled down the waterslide (even virtually, via their Facebook page), the Great Wolf Lodge donated $1 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  What a fun way to raise money!
Balloons marked the entrance and exit to the slide 
 and there was even a DJ and dancing on one of the pool decks to create a festive atmosphere.
A banner marked the finish line, though sadly being 8 months pregnant prevented me from riding the slide.  However I did participate on the Facebook page by going on the virtual slide.
I'm not sure what the total number of sliders was, since the event took place in all the Great Wolf Lodge locations and lasted from 11am until midnight, but I'm sure once everything is tallied, we'll find out how much money was raised for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  The goal this year was to raise $250,000 for the organization.
Last year, the event set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest distance traveled on waterslides over 24 hours.
Honorary spokesperson for the event, singer Nick Lachey is a big supporter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and participated in the Waterslide-A-Thon in Mason, Ohio. You can see photos of his appearance on the GWL Facebook page.

The Pocono location was packed yesterday, which was encouraging for the event. 
My family and I have been here twice before, both times in winter, and I wasn't expecting to see so many people here in warm weather. It was the perfect day for it, since it was a little cool and overcast outside.

The Waterslide-A-Thon was not the only way to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  One could simply contribute a monetary donation, or even bid on items in the silent auction.
We had a great time, and were happy to have been part of such a fun and worthwhile charitable event.
Disclosure: I received passes to the waterpark and complementary breakfast for my family and me from Great Wolf Lodge.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you were able to take a virtual slide via Facebook. Was it so exciting? ;)

  2. How awesome is that-I'd be curious to know how much they raised with this event :)

    I'm glad you guys got to go!


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