August 11, 2023

Cue the Awwwwwws (and the Sharks)

Jude had his first Anne Geddes moment; naturally I had to capture it on camera.
Lest you go thinking that we'll be dressing him up in bee costumes and using flower-pillow props, don't worry. I'm SO not a fan of that sort of sentimentality.  But he just looked so peaceful sleeping here, in the middle of our living room floor, no less.

In other news, I can't forget about the other little man around the house.  We're quite grateful to all the friends and family who have taken Soren on outings and playdates to get him out and about, rather than being stuck next to his nursing mama, who always seems to be in sitting in the recliner.

Last week, my brother and sister-in-law took him to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, and apparently he had a great time, considering he was chatting at length about his trip.
I love the photos my SIL took.  There's something so magical about a child's silhouette in front of a large, colorful fish tank.
After getting over the darkness of the place (and the sharks!!), S enjoyed himself and his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Izabela.
When asked what his favorite part was, he told Chris and I that it was this:
So much for living things!


  1. That is a very cute picture - Jude looks so content :)

    And how nice of them to take Soren to the aquarium! That's a great way to give you time with Jude and still let him burn off energy and have some fun :)

    Hope all is well!

  2. Adorable!!!! I'm sure you could photoshop a little bee outfit on him, right? LOL!

  3. Jude is so precious! We were at that aquarium in May, ER was terrified of the whole shark exhibit.

  4. The shark mouth is AWESOME! Jude's pretty darned cute, too. But he has way less teeth. (Thankfully, for mama…)


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